Hunting Dog Training: Your Puppy’s First Year
 Training started right the moment you gathered that little ball of fur up in your arms for the first time,[...]
Snow Geese: Tips for Hunting These Birds of Plenty
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15 Tips and Tactics for a Better-Hunting Bird Dog
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6 of the Greatest Modern Hunting Dog Stories
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A Short History of Sporting Dog Trends in the 20th Century
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First National Wildlife Refuge: Florida’s Indian River Was Ground Zero of America’s Bloody Conservation History
My son, his grandpa, and I cast live shrimp into the Indian River, hoping a snook or sea trout might[...]
5 Ways to Kill Your Hunting Dog
These are few common canine hazards, if not your best friend could find himself in a dangerous situation. Working dogs[...]
The Total outdoorsman Skills & tools hunting
Hunting  Read more Full ebook here on IT'S THE FIRST SHOT THAT MATTERS The gun was a Remington Model 700 BDL[...]
How To Choose A Rifle Scope
How To Choose A Rifle Scope? The one thing to remember when considering the price and quality of a rifle[...]
How to Controls for Sport Optics Products
How to Controls for Sport Optics Products? Adjustment Controls for Binoculars Binoculars have a few controls to adjust, set, and[...]
Hunts and Calls Elk
Editor’s Note: Ralph Ramos from Las Cruces, New Mexico, has been shooting PSE bows for more than 15 years and[...]
Great boat Tips for Duck Hunting
Great boat Tips for Duck Hunting Duck hunting is a fun activity provided you got the tactics to tackle the[...]
what should sportsman always consider when hunting from a boat
Hunting from a boat can be very enjoyable if done properly. This is the main reason why the number of[...]
How To Use Rifle Scope
How To Use Rifle Scope? Riflescope Tubes Riflescope Tube Diameter There is two main tube diameters in the marketplace plus[...]
Avoiding The 10 Sins when Turkey Hunting
Avoiding The 10 Sins when Turkey Hunting Sin No. 1 – Spooking Turkeys When You Walk I try and change[...]
Adventures Hunting Elk in Arizona and New Mexico
Editor’s Note: Corky Richardson of Laveen, Arizona, either has guided or hunted for himself on more than 150 elk hunts,[...]
The Serene Duck Hunter
In the estimation of many people, all those who for any purpose or in any manner hunt ducks are grouped[...]
Hunting Wild Turkeys(P4)
Hunting Wild Turkeys(P3) Hunting Wild Turkeys(P2) Hunting Wild Turkeys(P1) Calling: The Fun Part Some of my most memorable turkey hunts[...]
Hunting Wild Turkeys(P3)
Hunting Wild Turkeys(P4) Hunting Wild Turkeys(P2) Hunting Wild Turkeys(P1) Sneakin Up On "Em" Now that I have mentioned "sneakin up[...]
Hunting Wild Turkeys(P2)
 Hunting Wild Turkeys(P1) Hunting Wild Turkeys(P3) Hunting Wild Turkeys(P4) Hunting On Unfamiliar Ground Best spotting scope I have taken many[...]
Hunting Wild Turkeys(P1)
Hunting Wild Turkeys(P2) Hunting Wild Turkeys(P3)  My start When I was eight years old I lived near the Mississippi River[...]
Wild Pigs Hunting
There are two competing narratives about wild pigs in America. The first is from landowners who are quick to cite[...]
Making The Shot And After The Shot
Making The Shot And After The Shot MAKING THE SHOT Best spotting scope The only way that you'll ever reach[...]
The Backpack Hunter
The Backpack Hunter When a hunter is carrying everything he needs to survive on his back, the thrill of taking an[...]
Drive Hunting
Drive Hunting The Folsom site at Wild Horse Arroyo. Near the end of the Ice Age, hunters using sophisticated stone[...]
Decoys And Calling
Decoys And Calling Calling and decoying big game is so much fun because it's just about the only time in[...]
Still Hunting
Still Hunting Best spotting scope Still-hunting combines the simple pleasure of walking in the woods with the excitement and discipline[...]
Ambush Hunting
Ambush Hunting An elevated blind provides both a better field of view and a comfortable shelter. The ambush hunter lets[...]
Hunting Safety
Hunting Safety According to the National Safety Council there are close to 1,000 reported hunting related injuries and 100 hunting[...]
The methods: Spot-And-Stalk Hunting(P3)
The methods: Spot-And-Stalk Hunting(P3) Upon spotting these elk, the hunter is unable to get within rifle range before the animals[...]
The methods: Spot-And-Stalk Hunting(P2)
The methods: Spot-And-Stalk Hunting(P2) There's game out there, somewhere. Finding it requires a well-honed game eye. When glassing big country,[...]
The methods: Spot-And-Stalk Hunting (P1)
The methods: Spot-And-Stalk Hunting   Spot-and-stalk hunting is easily the most rigorous and demanding form of big game hunting. The[...]
Tags and licenses
Tags and licenses  Hunting is a highly regulated activity in the United States. Wildlife is managed at the state level,[...]
Private Land
Private Land    If you're sitting around waiting for someone to offer you access to her game-rich chunk of private[...]
Hunting Optics
HUNTING OPTICS A hunting guide in Alaska once told a buddy of mine, "If I had a thousand dollars to[...]
Archery Equipment
Archery Equipment The closest thing that the hunting world has to a rivalry is the ever-present tension between die-hard firearm[...]
Routine Rifle Cleaning
Routine Rifle Cleaning    After every trip to the rifle range or your hunting grounds, you should thoroughly dry your[...]
Public land for hunt
Public land Best spotting scope All states have at least some public lands that are available to hunting, though exact[...]
Where to hunt-good place to hunt
Where to hunt? Before Europeans arrived on this continent, access to North America's richest hunting grounds was won and lost[...]
Getting Zeroed For Hunting
Getting Zeroed There are many ways to sight in, or “zero, " a scoped firearm. Here’s the most basic: 1. Fire[...]
Slug Guns for hunting
The most common reason to use a slug gun (a shotgun equipped for shooting solid projectiles) is because you are hunting[...]
Muzzleloader For Beginners?
Muzzleloader For Beginners? If you love to hunt, get a muzzle loader. Many states offer extended muzzle loader hunting seasons that[...]
Gear for Hunting
Gear is like booze. As you get older, you realize that quality is more Best spotting scope important than quantity.[...]