28 must-know camping tricks that everyone can benefit from

28 must-know camping tricks that everyone can benefit from

Camping is a great outdoor activity that anyone can enjoy. It gives you ample time to connect with you loved ones and with nature too. It gives those unique experiences that only nature can give. Plus there are no distractions to take away your attention. There are no texts messages or emails, nor internet. It’s just nature and you.

However for many of us who are used to technology which has automated most things, camping can be quite disheartening. Therefore thorough preparation is needed before stepping outdoors for camping. No need to worry much about that. Here are some 28 camping tricks that everyone can benefit from.

1. For better sleep bring in foam tiles. They provide a nice cushion and padding which makes it comfortable for you to sleep on.

2. Have a DIY lantern. Strapping a lamp into an empty jug of water will radiate much light to the rest of the tent. Your light issue at nigh is sorted out.

3. Pack your bread in a tin can. This will help in keeping it safe away from moisture. Plus it remains clean.

4. Learn and know which plants are poisonous. When looking for fresh herbs know which ones are the best for consumption or even touching. Some plants may look good but that doesn’t make them good to eat. Research on plants.

5. Use sand paper to help in lighting a match. Do this by adding sand paper on match box top to make it easy to light any match.

6. Carry your toilet paper holder or simply make one by using an empty coffee container. This will ensure that your tissue paper remains clean and dry.

7. For toothpaste, make your to go toothpaste by dabbing toothpaste on a clean paper plate. Let them dry and put them in a plastic bag and you have your on the toothpaste.

8. Use tic tac boxes to store your spices. This way you carry only the amount that you need. It’s less bulky and won’t consume much space.

9. Snuggle in a two person sleeping bag. This not only helps in using the available space in the tent but also a good way of keeping warm.

10. Hangout in a hammock. To sway in the breeze and lounge under tree shades. For those afraid of insects on the ground this is one way to relax without fear

11. Make single use pouches. These are to carry supplies such as lotions and ointments. They are less bulky and are easy to carry.

12. Make single serve coffee by using a dental floss and coffee filter or bring single serve coffee packs from a coffee store of your choice.

13. Make DIY candle sticks for a romantic evening by drilling hollows on taper candles and stacking them atop a craft dowel then stick them to the ground.

14. Have a DIY hand washing station by using an empty detergent bottle.

15. Use a pill bottle store a first aid kit. It makes it easy to carry. It is small and light and not bulky either.

16. Have premade pancake mix. Helps save on time and reduce the mess.

17. Have a DIY washing machine by using a plunger and a bucket.

18. Use an egg carton to store charcoal. This make it easy to carry and its not messy too.

19. Make pocket sized oil lamps. Use travel shampoo lamps to make the oil lamps.

20. To get flavor, use fresh herbs on charcoal. This helps in avoiding in creating messes when marinating.

21. For fun treats, toast star busts.

22. Make cinnamon rolls

23. Use biodegradable tape to mark your trail. This will help in case you can’t find your way out of the woods. Nobody wants to get lost.

24. Use cotton swabs for fire starters by dapping cotton swabs in wax.

25. Use freezer bottles. This is to keep the food cold. You can also melt the water for a drink.

26. Have an emergency fire kit by using empty Altoids tins, cardboard and wax.

27. Have camp fire crescent rolls and fill them with pizza toppings or Nutella to make them taste yummy.

28. Make a hanging pot rack using a belt and some hooks.

With all these camping tricks, make your next camping time the most memorable. No more excuses for not camping. Use these tricks to bond with nature the very best way.


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