6 Easy Upgrades for Your Fishing Kayak

A Kayak is a canoe made by the Inuit the commonly known as the Eskimo and made of a light frame with a watertight covering having a small opening in the top for a person to sit in.They used driftwood and sometimes the skeleton of whale, to construct the frame a particular kayak and also using animal skin, particularly the seal skin was used to create the body of the Kayak made often done some refining. Today, Kayak Fishing is one of the hottest trends in modern outdoor sports. Whether you are a starter shore-bound fisherman and you are getting into a kayak to reach deeper new waters and distant fish or whether you are a recreational kayaker looking to bring your passion for fishing aboard on your plastic vessel, or you are a boat fisherman who recognizes that fishing kayaks is an exciting and usually a cheaper way to get out on the water, there is something in kayak fishing for just about anyone willing to explore the waters.

The anchor System in a kayak need to be upgraded. To keep your kayak to stay in one place for a long time you will definitely need a strong built anchor system and this also makes you kayak to be stable on the water. Any heavy materials can be used as kayak anchors and function fit for the purpose but it is mainly recommended to use an anchor which is specifically designed for the purpose of being used in the anchoring of your kayak. Most of the standard kayaking anchors will weigh around 1.5 lb. or at most 3.0 lb.using an anchor for your kayak protects it mainly on strong wind and it can be used in 11 feet kayak. It is very easy to install and use the anchoring system and more so having a vivid Yellow color to spot rope easily and this gives your kayak high durability.


Short-Handled Paddles.Your paddle will be in your hands the entire time you are on the water, therefore picking the right paddle for your kayak is very critical as you will spend most of your fishing time handling the paddles. Having short-handled paddle is great for easier maneuvering around docks, they also help the river anglers to avoid blowdowns and rocks while still holding on to the rod in their other hand. Short handled paddles also provides high speed and power in each purchase of the blade’s interaction with water.

A Stand-up aid. So as to stand on a fishing kayak, you need good balance and how well you balance yourself will be determined by the kind of a kayak you have invested in. The width of a kayak however will improve on its stability but the wider it is the slower it will move. Investing in a stand up aid however will help the angler to stand and you fish with your kayak maintaining correct balance and stability on the water.

Hull storage. The storage inside most of the kayaks is not completely waterproof and also anything that you put me that storage has the tendency to end up at the other end of the kayak. The solution however is very simple as you just acquire a number of the clip-lock containers which are waterproof airtight from the supermarket and some stick on Velcro strips. You will then stick some pieces of Velcro inside your kayak and at the bottom of the kayak and stick some on the bottom of each container and you will then have waterproof containers that won’t slip around and from place to place.

Forward Rod Holders. Some kayak anglers usually prefer to keep the forward boat deck clear and to use the front-mounted rod holders which are angled to clear your paddle or to clear the pedal stroke. These are very ideal for easily spotting strikes while trolling in the water. When on a particular time you are using the casting technique, the only time a rod will go in this holder is when you’re retying the rod, when you are changing lures or the moment you are unhooking a fish. The holder thus prevents the rods from being bumped.

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