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Advantages And Disadvantage Of Using Laser Rangefinders And GPS Rangefinders

Rangefinders have been the hottest selling devices in the golfing industry in recent years. This is because they help both aspiring golfing professionals and experienced golfers improve their games to an unimaginable extent. They are very important tools to carry along for any golfer who want to master the act of hitting accurate targets. There are two main types of the golf rangefinders: laser rangefinder and golf GPS. These devices are different in some ways and similar in some ways too. They have advantages over each other as well as shortfalls. While rangefinders are used to measure distances based on the time taken for the laser bean to reflect on the target, the GPS unit is programmed to detect positions on a golf course. Some golfers prefer the GPS to the laser rangefinders because the former is already programmed and readings will not be affected as a result of the golfer’s mistake. Below are the main advantages and disadvantages of the two types of golf rangefinders

Advantage of Laser Rangefinders


Bushnell Tour Z6 Golf Laser Rangefinder with JOLT

Laser rangefinders work by making use of a laser bean which hones onto the pin. They are very simple to use. All you need to do is point the rangefinder at the pin from the position of your ball and you will be given the exact yardage of your target. It provides precise measurements to the flagstick, which makes them better than GPS rangefinders in this aspect.

Advantage of GPS Rangefinders


GolfBuddy Voice GPS

The GPS rangefinder uses a satellite feed that provides detailed information on thousands of courses all over the world. This makes it customized to be used in many golf courses as they provide accurate information on various locations on a hole. Most of these devices displays specific colors to inform you on the yardage of a specific point. This feature will become very useful when you are trying to place shots on the best position and prevent bunkers and other hazards that may stand in the way.

Some GPS devices even show yardages to different positions and also the contours on the golf course to help you aim better.

Disadvantage of Laser Rangefinders

Although laser rangefinders can help you aim accurately when playing golf, they don’t provide enough information on the right parts of the fairways and greens. They only give you the correct distance to the pin but you will have a lot of work to do to guess the correct places to place your shots since you don’t have enough information about the golf course. This may be a huge disadvantage when playing on a course you are not familiar with.

Disadvantage of GPS Rangefinder

It may be dicey to relay only on a satellite feed. What happens if the satellite reception is non-existent or weak at the course? What do you do if the golf course you are playing has not been mapped? Also, the satellite connection may be blocked by a significant number of trees, making you have very faint signals on some of the areas you want to play. Moreover, the cost of GPS rangefinders can increase substantially if you take into account the annual fees imposed by some companies to use their mapping services. These are some of the shortfalls of relying only on GPS rangefinders.

So, what is the most ideal option?

From the above, we have seen that both GPS rangefinders and Laser rangefinders have their benefits and shortfalls. While the former can help you acquire a lot of information on different golf course, the latter is specifically helpful when you want to measure accurate yardage. If you are a travelling golfer who always plays on different golf yards, it will be vital to have the GPS rangefinder. On the other hand if you are still an amateur and learning how to aim targets accurately, a laser rangefinder can help you a lot. Of, course it won’t be a bad idea to have them both if their cost will not be much burden to you.

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