best air rifles reviews

best air rifles reviews

Air rifles have been in existence for a while now since they were first invented around the 15th century. The first rifles were not high powered air rifles but were still of good use. Since then all have been used for hunting, target practice, along with shooting in formal competitions. One general characteristic of an air rifle is its long barrel. Different types of air rifles exist each with its pros and cons. A rifle can be classified as either being a pneumatic rifle, spring piston powered or Carbon dioxide powered. Below is a brief explanation of the best pellet guns or, in other words, best air rifles reviews based on Editors!

Top 6 best air rifles reviews for 2017



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Gamo Hornet Air Rifle .177 Caliber Review

97 %


Crosman Nitro Venom Break Barrel Air Rifle Review

96 %


Gamo Whisper Silent Cat Air Rifle Review

94 %


Ruger Blackhawk Combo Air Rifle Review

92 %


Crosman M4-177 Air Rifle Review 2017

89 %


Benjamin Marauder PCP Air Rifle & Review 2017

85 %

Gamo Hornet Air Rifle .177 Caliber Review

Most beginner riflemen are looking for an affordable air rifle that will offer convenience and a diverse use option. The Gamo Hornet Air Rifle is the perfect beginner for adults, since it does require a bit of strength and energy to cock, which is required, before each actual shot. Below you’ll discover the pros along with cons of this particular air gun, so that you can easily decide whether or not it is suitable for your needs and preferences.


The fluted polymer covered steel barrel and plastic stock will offer you the durability that is required for longevity use. Just know that this barrel isn’t constructed out of thick solid steel, which may decrease its lifespan, but if you are looking for an affordable air gun that is suitable for shooting small game at a short distance, you should not pass up this specific brand.

Cock Pulling

The Gamo Hornet air rifle does require a bit of strength to perform the cock pulling action. This may be suitable for adults that are fairly strong, with a medium stature. Of course, it is capable of a shooting velocity of 1,200 fps. This is sustainably quick and can be obtained within a single cock. If you suffer with tennis elbow, you will benefit with this air gun, as the cock pulling action isn’t so difficult that it’ll trigger pain and only requires thirty pounds of torque.

Overall Size

The overall size of this air gun is 43.3” in length, with the barrel taking up 18” of this measurement. The weight is perfect for portability, as it only weighs in at 6.1 pounds. You can easily hold and aim the Gamo Hornet , without getting fatigued for an extended amount of time. The weight must be taken into consideration, because if you become fatigued or weakened, while holding and aiming the rifle, your target will definitely be able to escape to freedom, before you have the opportunity to shoot it.


A significant component of the Gamo Hornet air rifle is the 4×32 scope, which is included in the overall price. The scope ramp sits down in a groove that is built into the top of the rifle. This will provide the scope with a secure, safe position and placement, so that it does not become loosened during target practice and travel.

Butt Plate

The butt plate is constructed out of a thick rubber pad, with ventilated air holes, which will provide your shoulders with a cushioned impact. This extraordinary feature will protect your body from injury along with smooth the force of the recoil. This safety feature is a genuine craftsmanship that is only offered by the Gamo air rifle.

Our Overall Review

The Gamo Hornet air rifle has definitely impressed us. It’s perfect for target shooting and small game hunting, which are most gunners’ favorite sports. We didn’t mind the spring mechanism, because it allows us to easily cock the gun, without much energy force applied. Overall, we would highly recommend this particular air rifle for any beginner, but if you are looking for something for competitive sports, you may want a more powerful air gun.

Crosman Nitro Venom Break Barrel Air Rifle Review

When attempting to purchase an air rifle, you’ll quickly find an astounding number of options to choose from. The Crosman Nitro is a break barrel air rifle, which may very well suit your particular needs. As avid hunters, we recently scoured the market and wound up purchasing this rifle. Thus far, we have been tremendously impressed with its performance. Below, you’ll learn about our experience.

The Dimensions

In order for a rifle to be effective, it needs to be lightweight and powerful. The Crosman Nitro Venom break barrel air rifle is definitely suitable in this regard. It is approximately seven pounds, which makes it very easy to lug around and carry on my shoulder. When we am ready to take aim and fire, we can easily grab it and assume the position. The weapon never feels like a burden, when carrying it around. At 44.5 inches long, The weapon feels authentic along with provides me with sufficient positioning, when taking aim.

The Parameters

Overall, we found that this specific air rifle works sufficiently well for our specific needs. With the break barrel pump system, we can quickly along with easily prepare the gun to be fired. This helps to eliminate the need for a Carbon dioxide(CO2) cartridge. Of course, it is vital to remember that the weapon must be cocked, after each shot. This may cause concern. However, once you get a little experience with the weapon, this will become second nature and will no longer be a complication.

Distance and Caliber

The Crosman Nitro Venom break barrel is actually a .22 caliber rifle, which is capable of firing up to thirty five years. Although the distance is somewhat limited, we have been able to use the weapon for a variety of purposes. For instance, we can easily go target shooting. At the same time, the weapon is powerful enough to bring down small birds along with squirrels. When we first got the weapon, we found it very difficult to shoot at optimum accuracy. Newbies will need to be prepared to practice extensively, until their skills improve. The manufacturer suggests that the gun is pellets are capable of traveling at 950 feet per second.


For us, it was important that we received a sufficient weapon, which was silent and unable to produce a significant amount of recoil. With this in mind, we picked this gun, since it is equipped with a nitro piston. This mechanism ensures that the weapon produces seventies percent less noise than that of the spring assisted guns. At the same time, this ensures that the recoil remains at a minimum level. Anyone, who is worried about weather, will definitely want to pick this weapon. The nitro piston is capable of providing the user with performance that will not be diminished in rainy weather.

My Conclusion

Final of the day, we have been tremendously impressed with the Crosman Nitro Venom Break Barrel Air Gun. Although the range is limited and the accuracy is somewhat shaky, experience can help eliminate these worries. For the price, this weapon is definitely worth it!

Gamo Whisper Silent Cat Air Rifle Review

The Specs

  • Twin check pads.
  • A deluxe ventilated rubber pad situated on the stock.
  • Features a 4X32 rifle scope with fiber optic sights.
  • Spring piston powered, break barrel cocking mechanism that clocks thirty pounds of force.
  • Manual release trigger safety.
  • Automatic cocking safety.
  • Fires lead ammunition at one thousand fps.
  • Fires PBA ammunition at 1200 fps.

The Purpose

An all-rounder in all definitions of the term, this rifle is designed with pest control in mind, but can also be utilized for a multitude of recreational purposes. This rifle has proved to be quite the handy tool for the disposing of pest populations of Iguanas and similarly sized vermin, and with a consistent tight-grouping firing succession, it isn’t wonder why it excels at its purpose.

The Features

This rifle, as the name implies, is inherently silenced, but it does not at all suffer from a lack of power as a result. In fact, this rifle remains one of the higher-powered air rifles on offer by Gamo, but the noise reduction attachment is non-removable which is worth noting. This does not seem to pose as even a possible issue, seeing as the power is still very much retained, unless for some reason you require a loud bang when you fire (no ear muffs necessary!).

The noise dampener makes the rifle is sound fifty percent quieter than it otherwise would be, which is a major selling feature for most customers who purchase this item.

As mentioned previously, this air rifle’s accuracy is phenomenal — even when compared against higher-end models in its category. This coupled with the power, makes this rifle a handy tool for any task that requires it to perform at a high level without any issues.

The accuracy has been attributed quite substantially to the model is comfortable and ergonomically designed stock. It has been remarked on for being manageable even after extended periods of use, and the sleek design makes shooting with it a breeze.

The dependable break barrel is perfect for both beginners as well as experts, and requires little maintenance and upkeep for it to perform. The spring piston system is simple and exceptionally functional, and the cocking action requires little effort to procure.

The Pros and Cons


  • High powered air rifle with an affordable price tag.
  • Extremely accurate even at longer ranges.
  • Comfortable to hold and use.
  • Easy to maintain and relatively hassle free.
  • Radically reduced noise.


  • The pistol grip located on the stock is a tad small for those people out there who may have bigger than average thumbs, although this is more of a comfortability question.
  • The trigger may also be a little heavier than people are used to with an air rifle, but this is a standard feature to any higher powered machine. It can also be changed fairly easily, which is recommended for beginners who are not used to heavier triggers.
  • Lighter ammunition will be harder to control due to the power of the rifle, so heavier rounds are a must.
  • The scope is not of the highest quality, but for the money, it is still a merited buy. Purchasing a replacement scope, if you require one, is not a hard process, and many cheap alternatives exist that can make a valued addition to the rifle.

There’s something worth noting

The rifle comes equipped with a silencing device, which does without a doubt, noticeably along with even drastically reduce noise, but this does not mean the rifle is without any noise whatsoever. It is excellent for an urban environment, but if no noise is what you are after, then it is worth noting that you won’t be getting that with this air rifle. It is extremely quiet, but not completely, so keep that in mind before you purchase so you do not get something you did not think you were buying into.

The Verdict

This arid rifle is an Perfect example of what money can buy in its relevant category, and comes with a whole host of features and advantages. If you are looking for the best money can buy, then obviously this is not your machine, but if you are looking for bang for buck, and an actual quality made air rifle, then this is certainly your best candidate.

Ruger Blackhawk Combo Air Rifle Review

As individuals, who are fed up with paying expensive prices for bullets, we decided to make the transition to the air rifle. During our initial research, we were intent on purchasing a rifle that would be able to provide us with a good long distance shot. With this in mind, we set out to purchase a .177 weapon and eventually settled on the Ruger Blackhawk Combo . Suffice to say, the weapon was on the affordable end of the spectrum, which suited our needs perfectly. Below, we shall outline the basic parameters of our experience up until this point.

Break Barrel and Single Shot

When we first purchased the gun, we were unfamiliar with the break barrel system. It took a significant period of time to become comfortable with it. After preparing the gun and firing a shot, we are forced to pump the barrel and fire the weapon again. This is a bit of inconvenience, especially for those, who have never used this type of weapon. However, you’ll eventually grow accustomed to this system. Now that we’ve used the gun for a few months, firing and pumping is no longer a major problem.

The Velocity

If you are looking for a weapon, which is capable of propelling the pellet with extreme velocity, this weapon will do the trick. It can propel the pellet at a speed of one thousand feet per second. With this type of power, it is highly unlikely that your target will be able to escape unscathed.

Noise Level

When looking for an air rifle, it is likely that you’re interested in practicing your shooting right in your backyard. If this is the case, you are going to need a gun, which is nearly silent. Since this is a .177 caliber gun, you can guarantee a much quieter shot. If you ave never fired an air gun, you should take into account the difference between one of these guns and a BB gun. The air gun will most likely be a little louder. Still, this is the quietest gun you will be able to purchase.

Price and Warranty

Suffice to say, the price, which is well under 100 dollar, is well worth it! This gun works tremendously well and is very accuracy. Whether you’re shooting targets or trying to eliminate squirrels, you will be able to do so, with this weapon. The included 4×32 scope is fairly accurate, but you may want to follow our lead and swap it out for a better scope in the future. With a one year limited warranty, you can rest assured the weapon will last. If it does not, the warranty has you covered!


Those that are looking to stalk and shoot their targets from a distance will find that the Ruger Blackhawk Combo Air Rifle is definitely a good choice. It is more than capable of humanely killing small prey, such as possums, raccoons and squirrels. The weapon is fairly powerful and the accuracy is one of the best among air rifles. The break barrel might be awkward at first, but it saves money, at the end of the day. All in all, this is an excellent rifle!

Crosman M4-177 Air Rifle Review 2017


As far as pellet guns go, the Crosman M4-177 Air Rifle Pneumatic Pump Air Rifle (.177) is an exemplary product. Using a multi-pump pneumatic system, it can fire pellets at a speed of Six hundred fps (feet per second) and BBs at 625 fps. At an overall length of 33.75 inches, with a 17.25-inch long barrel, this rifle feels quite good to carry.

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  • Powerful Optics:

The Crossman M4-177 Air Rifle is supplemented by its weaver scope, which can even be replaced by a Picatinny scope ring. It also comes with an adjustable telescoping stock, which makes it efficient to shoot. It has two sights: post front sight and rear sight. Both sights can be removed if necessary.

  • Tough construction makes it easier to shoot:

One interesting feature about this rifle is the material it is built with. Even though it is made of plastic that gives off a fragile image, it is actually quite tough and resistant to accidental impacts. Its plastic butt pad provides additional protection during plinking or simple practice shooting, which is the purpose of this gun. The fact that this rifle uses .177 calibers makes it more amazing, alongside the perfect combination of weight (7.9 grains) and targeting ability (flat trajectory) that these bullets provide.

  • Dual Ammunition and removable shot pellet:

Crosman M4-177 Air Rifle Pneumatic Pump Air Rifle (.177) is the kind of gun that will never disappoint, especially where the accuracy is concerned. This dual ammunition rifle can even prove to be a powerhouse due to its removable 5-shotpellet clip and storage unit of considerable size. Its stock can be adjusted, and allows vision from both the front and back for better windage and elevation.

See it in action below:

  • For Competent Shooters:

As it is a Bolt action repeat firearm, it is very effective during competitive shooting. Its accuracy level is pretty high too. It can shoot up to twenty yards in a breeze. If used with Crosman destroyer pellets, it can pretty much take down anything. It can be easily scoped which helps in getting a pretty accurate shot.


  • This gun is quite safe and easy to use, due to its child-friendly features.
  • At a weight of 3.7 pounds, this gun will never cause any mobility issues.
  • The clip contains a considerable amount of ammunition.
  • Impressive firepower – 600/625 fps, depending on whether you use pellets or BBs
  • 350 BBs accounts for impressive reservoir capacity
  • Conveys that quality and durability feel expected of a Crosman


  • The lack of noise dampening may prove to be an annoying factor during fun activities.
  • The plastic design looks unappealing and unprofessional.


Purely intended as an entertainment rifle rather than one for hunting or self-defense, the Crosman M4-177 Air Rifle Pneumatic Pump Air Rifle (.177) provides the user with lifetime satisfaction and enjoyment. It is intended for both newbies and professionals, as anyone would enjoy the fine accuracy that comes with the excellent design. This gun can also prove to be an effective practice material for newer gun users to get the hang of things. All in all, it is a much-recommended product for simple usage. So, as long as users don’t confuse it with a professional offensive machine, then anyone is welcome to try this wonderful rifle out.

Benjamin Marauder PCP Air Rifle & Review 2017


Looking for air rifles that will provide you with value for your money? Keep your eyes open for this detailed Benjamin Marauder PCP review. It comes with a ten shot repeater, added with an auto-indexinghighlight. It can utilize packed air up to an astounding 3,000 psi. It also has raised aluminum breech for less demanding stacking of round magazine.

Benjamin Marauder PCP Air Rifle is a superb air rifle that is lightening fast and provides a superb accuracy. It is a pre-charged pneumatic air rifle that uses an air compression of three thousands psi in general. What is amazing is that a built in pressure gauge is also provided to check up on the power when it is used for a long time. It comes with a match grade trigger that can be adjusted in two stages. This gun mostly uses .177 caliber pellets that give it a firing speed of One thousand one hundred fps. It works as an eight shot repeater if used with .25 caliber pellets.

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  • Optics for lightning-fast shooting:

This gun comes with a dovetail mount, but sights are not attached to the gun itself. However, that does not stop it from shooting accurately. Also, a laser scope or a red dot sight can be attached later if needed. Two piece scope mounts are advised for more accuracy. The makers of Benjamin Marauders provide a limited warranty of 1 year, and it’s one of those air rifles that provide finesse and accuracy at a reasonable price. For those people who want to shoot quietly and effortlessly, this is an amazing purchase.

  • Freedom to use extensions:

It shows some awesome quality in a PCP air rifle. At the same time, bear in mind that you’ll need to purchase an extension to utilize it. You will additionally need PCP charging hardware, for example, a pump or high weight air tank. This is valid for all PCP air rifles, obviously. Including a decent extension, mounts, and an HPA tank framework could twofold the cost of the weapon. At the same time, the Marauder is still exceptionally extreme to beat at the cost.

  • Amazing tuning ability:

For those with a chronograph, time and information, the Marauder can be set up for an extensive variety of execution attributes, including fluctuating perfect fill weights and gag speeds. Truth be told, this level of inherent tuning ability is exceptional for a standard air rifle!
However, you can also wind up in a bad position with a poor gag speed or high air use, on the off chance that you change the plant settings without comprehending the effect of those progressions. In case you are not certain, allow the firearm’s tuning acclimations to sit unbothered – at any rate.

  • Compatibility with multiple pellets:

The Benjamin Marauder pcp air rifle was most precise with JSB Jumbo Express pellets: these likewise gave an exceptionally sound gag vitality of more than
twenty eight Ft/Lbs. Albeit slower, the H&N Barracuda Match heavies delivered an astounding 33.43 Ft/Lbs of gag vitality, making these the go-to pellets for chasing.
The Gamo Raptor Platinum combined with Benjamin Marauder PCP air can provide you with astonishingly accurate shots. It is perfect for small game hunting.


  • Gagged barrel conveys unrivaled precision
  • Able to use both hands engineered stock with a vertically customizable brush (right around a full pound lighter than the wood supplied rifle).
  • Reversible jolt – switch from right to left side.
  • Features an upgraded valve that improves the performance (increased number of shots) on its predecessor
  • Slightly backed-up trigger positions the hand better, offering better grip and stability
  • Can also be re-filled (air) with a shoe-box compressor
  • This air rifle can be described to be MORE than a mere toy – it can do some serious damage to targets as big as foxes and cayotes!


  • Dovetail does not come with sights.
  • A bit heavy for most of the users.
  • Bolt feels a little heavy sometimes, especially during pulling back.


Our Benjamin Marauder PCP review demonstrates this to be an amazing firearm that performs well both in accuracy and in the noise dampening department. It gets the job done quietly along with provides you with an accurate shot. Although it’s a bit heavier on the pocket, it also lives up to the expectation set by its price.