Best Golf GPS Rangefinder Reviews

Best Golf GPS Rangefinder Reviews

Best Golf GPS Rangefinder Reviews

Golf rangefinders are essential tools used by experienced and novice golfers to accurately measure distances and locate targeted objects. There are different types of golf GPS rangefinders as they come with different features and designs.

Selecting the ideal rangefinder may prove to be a daunting task, especially with the plethora of options available in the market today. The high quality ones have innovative technologies that make the game fast and easy. Here, we are going to present the top models of the Golf GPS to help you decide which one is the most ideal option for you.

Top 5 Flat Golf GPS Rangefinder Comparison Chart

  1. GolfBuddy VS4 Golf GPS, White/Gold

The GolfBuddy GB7 is a new model and has already become everyone’s favourite. It is quite similar in design and style to the best selling Gulfbuddy Voice model on Amazon. The unit is quite easy to use and can be clipped on your belt or clap for easy access. There are optional accessories that can help you wear it on the wrist or attach it with a retractable clip. If you are looking for a cost effective GPS rangefinder that is effective and user-friendly, the GulfBuddy GB7 is a great option.

Key Features

  • 10-hour battery life
  • Short distance measurement
  • Automatic course and hole recognition
  • Preloaded with more than 37,000 gloab courses
  • Water resistant
  • Detachable unit for versatility
  1. GolfBuddy GPS Rangefinder GolfBuddy Voice Wristband

This GPS rangefinder can help you conveniently look at the calculated distance without the need to push the button to listen by voice. You can decide to look at the small screen to get your range in case you may be obstructed by noise. This is a special feature available in only very few GPS rangefinders. Another good thing about this product is the price. You can’t possible see another GPs rangefinder with great features and still sold at a considerable price. When you purchase the GolfBuddy Voice wristband, you are definitely assured of accuracy and efficiency in reading yardage.

Key Features

  • Affordable and user-friendly
  • Features a wristband accessory
  • Designed with sleek silicon for better wearing comfort
  • Efficient and provides a high reading accuracy
  1. Wristband for GolfBuddy GPS Rangefinder

If you are someone who always prefers something simple and easy to wear, you’ll definitely love this rangefinder. It can be clipped unto your shirt or visor for ease of accessibility. This simple device is very popular among professional golfers who understand the need to play with a measuring tool that helps them get a clear target from a distance. This wrist band is properly designed and can comfortably fit on nearly every wrist. If you are worried about any interference, it will definitely not obstruct your golf swing.

The Golfbuddy Wristband is resistant to cold, heat, or sweat, which makes it great to be worn in any weather condition. While the device is on your wrist, distant readings are promptly available, making it ideal on the wrist than clipping it to a belt or cap.

Key Features

  • Smooth silicon material for better comfort
  • Easy to clip on and off
  • Provides accurate readings
  1. GolfBuddy GB8-VT3-14 Smart Golf Watch

Here is another amazing piece of technology from the GolfBuddy brand. It can connect with satellites to comfortably locate whatever golf course you’re in the world. Afterwards, it displays and provides the information you will need to help you effectively play golf on that course. So, basically it’s a tiny computer you can place on your writs and carry around wherever you go on the golf course. This golf watch is ideal when playing golf on a course you are not familiar with because it can provide all the information you need to help you understand the distance between objects within the course.

It doesn’t feel too large like some other GPs rangefinders and will not interfere with your swings. A lot of Amazon customers who have used this product have really commended its efficiency and accurate reading distances at the back, middle, and front. Overall, the product is really of top quality and highly recommended.

Key Features

  • Functions as a wrist watch
  • Voice function
  • Its large numbers makes it quite easy to read
  • Accurate measuring distances
  • Easy to charge
  • Lighted display that can be read in direct sun
  • Versatile
  • Pre-loaded with more than 37 courses all over the world
  1. GolfBuddy Voice GPS

Although at number 5, this is unarguably the best Golf GPS rangefinder you will ever come across. Apart from its great features which are quite visible, Amazon customers also place it at number one as more than 1000 customer reviews on the product have shown. GolfBuddy Voice GPS is a technological marvel with incomparable functions and features. It has more than 33,000 courses from all over the world and 40,000 course storage capabilities. Its most amazing features are the vibrant user-interface and the voice that tells you the exact distance from an object.

Key Features

  • Short distance measurement
  • Distance to front, center, and back
  • 8 different preloaded languages
  • Preloaded with more than 33,000 courses around the world
  • Audio distance information


The above Golf GPS rangefinder reviews offer a lot of benefits to both professional and amateur golfers. With lots of information about so many golf courses around the world, you will be most certain that the GPS rangefinders can help you improve your judgement of distances and turn you into a pro in no distant time.

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