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Stack-On GCB-908 8 Gun Steel Security Cabinet

The Stack-On GCB-908 8-Gun Steel Security Cabinet stands four along with a 1/2 feet tall and can hold up to eight long guns. In addition, there is also a top shelf that can hold handguns, ammunition, or other accessories. This shelf is also removable so that the safe can also accommodate long guns that may be exceptionally long. There is foam padding throughout the inside of this safe to minimize scratches or wear and tear on your guns. The hinge is full length and welded into the steel door and body of the safe for as much security as possible, with a three point locking system to successfully resist burglars.

Stack-On GCDB-924 Double Door Steel Security Cabinet

This safe not only can hold up to ten long guns, but it also is a double door gun safe. This double door system is what permits more guns and supplies to be stored in comparison to the previous gun safe from Stack-On. The cabinet  also permits not one but four padded steel shelves in this safe that are excellent for storing anything from pistols to ammunition to magazines to valuables such as jewelry. Each shelf is also fully removable in order to accommodate even more space for the long guns if needed. The steel door is made out of a reinforced steel along with has a three point locking system on the lock for better security. This is easily among the best gun safes under three hundred dollar on the market.

Stack-On GCB-18C-DS 18 Gun Convertible Steel Security Cabinet

This gun safe from Stack-On is capable of holding up to a grand total of eighteen long guns with all of the shelves removed. Even if every single shelf is installed in the cabinet, there’ll still be enough space to hold up to at least three long guns in the very front of the safe . Each shelf is adjustable up to four inches and constructed out of a padded steel. The long guns are also intended to be held behind the shelves, which means that the shelves are naturally positioned in the direction of the front of the safe.

Homegear five Rifle Electronic Gun Safe

This heavy duty gun safe features walls that are two mm thick and a door that is four mm thick. As an electronic gun safe, this safe is accessible via an electronic keypad that is powered by four AA batteries that come included with the safe, although it can also be accessed by manual keys as a backup method.

Inside the safe, there is enough space to hold up to five long guns along with a lockbox to hold either jewelry or handguns. Total height on the safe comes in at fifty seven inches, with a depth of almost twelve inches and a width of almost fourteen inches. It’s a rather slim safe that’ll still fit nicely in a crowded room. 

best gun safe under 500 dollar 

Stack-On GCDG-9216 16-Gun Convertible Double-Door Steel Security Cabinet

Stack-on is convertible security cabinet has an advertised capacity of 31 guns. Now, the safe is built to have two separate sections.

  • Thefirst section should be able to hold up to sixteen rifles or shotguns, but will really handle only twelve long guns. This’s a great capacity for a model in this price range.
  • Thesecond section has 4 removable steel shelves you can use to store your ammunition, handguns, scopes, lights, or other gear. If you need more space for your rifles, you can remove all the shelves and gain additional space for another 10-12.

All of the cabinet is components are made out of steel, with the doors are made out of reinforced steel for increased durability. Each door features a large locking plate made out of steel directly in front of the locking system. Each section can be accessed separately, and both are protected by a three-point locking system. Both the back along with the bottom of the cabinet feature pre-drilled mounting holes you can use to bolt it down, in order to increase the security.

Do you want to know what is the best part? The first section of the security cabinet has multiple barrel rests you can use to store rifles as well as shotguns. The barrel rests will keep your weapons in place along with will keep the weight off the scopes.

A slight disadvantage of this model is the fact that the doors do not fit very tight. They do not even have a dust seal. This way, when you place a dehumidifier inside it and turn it on, it’ll work on the air outside as well. You can improvise a seal by applying foam around the door jams. This unit doesn’t offer any kind of fire or water protection.

This model has the following measurements:

  • weight about 180 lbs.
  • height – 55.25”
  • width – 38”
  • depth – 18.25”.


Barska is biometric safe has an advertised total capacity of up to three rifles, but it can hold only two if they do not have scopes or modified grips. This safe is ideal for holding your home defense weapon. The biometric technology used for the lock allows you to access your weapons quickly in case of an emergency.

The lock is able to store up to 120 different identities. Now, you might be wondering why anybody would need these many identities stored? But here’s a great tip: when you buy a safe with a fingerprint reader, don’t scan only one finger. Most people do this, but it is a mistake. Scan all your fingers. If you really need to access the safe in an emergency, you do not want a band-aid or a cut to stop you from it. If you have multiple fingers scanned, you will be able to access the safe quicker.

The scanner is powered by four AA batteries which should last up to two years. If the safe is door is closed and you hear three repetitive beeps while the indicator lights turn red, the batteries need changing. You will also get two emergency back-up keys, so even if the batteries run out, you will still be able to open the safe.

The safe is made out of powder coated steel. The door uses a three-point deadbolt locking system. You should mount this unit before you start using it. Because it is tall and narrow, the whole safe will tip forward when you open the door.

This model is biggest disadvantage is its small capacity. Even though it’s advertised as being able to hold three guns, but it will barely hold 2. If you have a large weapon, such as the AR-15, it will only hold that one and a handgun. This model does not offer fire protection.


Stack-On’s steel security cabinet has two separate sections, each accessible from a different door.

  • The first section (the gun section) should hold ten rifles or shotguns, but will actually fit only six.
  • The second section of the cabinet has 4 removable steel shelves. Each shelf is padded with foam to reduce the chances of scratching. You can use the shelves to store your handguns, ammunition,scopes, tactical flashlights, or other gun accessories (such as hearing protection or shooting glasses), or you can remove all of them and store other rifles inside it.

The whole construction is made out of steel. The doors are made out of reinforced steel and have additional steel plates to protect the locking mechanism. The locking mechanism uses a 3-point system with a key coded, double-bitted lock. This’s a nice and secure system. The security cabinet can be bolted to the floor or to the wall. There are several pre-drilled holes you can use for anchoring. The barrel rests are a very nice feature. You can use them to store every weapon in an upright position, and you can even let the scopes mounted because the barrel rests will accommodate them.

This unit weighs about 130 lbs, so you should have somebody help you place it along with anchor it. Keep in mind that you’ll need to do some assembly after you receive it. The assembly process is very easy and you shouldn’t have problems with it, but it will take some extra time. This model does not offer any kind of fire protection.



V-Line’s gun safe is small but sturdy. You’ll be able to store two long guns in it if they do not have scopes or flashlights mounted. Even so, it might be difficult to fit two rifles in it if they’re wide. You’ll, however, be able to fit a single rifle and a handgun without any kind of trouble. The whole construction is made out of steel. The steel is protected by a powder coated finish which should last a lifetime.

Do you want to know the best part?

This model has a mechanical lock. The lock is programmable and you can change the push-button combination any time you want. Besides the main lock, the safe also has two additional locks situated on the top and bottom of the door. This increases the overall security.

If you buy the safe for your home-defense weapon, keep the combination short for a quicker access. If, on the other hand, the safe is placed in a spot children can access, you should make the combination difficult to guess. This safe is lightweight and should be anchored for increased security. If you don’t anchor it, the burglar might decide to take the whole safe with them, so your loss will be greater.

The bottom line is, this product is a great one. The main locking system is great and the extra locks increase the overall security. You might find it difficult to fit more than a rifle or a shotgun and a handgun in it, but it will protect those from harm.


Homegear is gun safe comes with internal Jewelry/valuables lockbox. this safe is supposed to have a storing capacity of 5 rifles. Not only will you be able to fit five rifles or shotguns in it, but you will also have room to spare. You’ll be able to fit a handgun and ammunition in the remaining space.

The safe is made out of heavy duty steel. The steel is two mm thick in the walls and four mm in the doors. This model uses an electronic keypad to operate the locking mechanism. You just have to punch in the code, turn the handle on the door, and you’re in. There is a backup key you can use in case of an emergency, if the batteries run out, or if you don’t like electronic locks.

The keypad uses 4 AA batteries for power. Each set of batteries should last for about two years, depending on how often you use it. This safe weighs about 75 pounds, so you’ll have to anchor it to increase its security. If you want to bolt it down, you’ll have to buy new anchors. The supplied hardware is of poor quality and might damage your wall.

Another disadvantage is the low visibility the keypad has at night. If you have to access the safe quickly and punch in your code, you’ll have to turn on the lights or point a flashlight at the keys if you want to see something. The best thing about this model is the quick access. It will only take about 3-5 seconds to open the safe’s door.


Stack-On’s security cabinet has the advertised capacity of 2 tactical weapons and up to 14 rifles or shotguns. While you can store two tactical weapons, you’ll only be able to fit only 6-8 other rifles or shotguns next to them.

The whole construction is made out of steel. The body is 16 gauge thick, while the door is 18 gauge. The cabinet has a three-point locking system and uses a cylinder lock and double bitted keys for superior security.

The great thing about this model is that you can make many adjustments and adapt it to fit your needs. If you are looking for increased storage capacity, you can take out all the shelves and stack as many rifles in it as you can.

If you want to store several rifles and handguns at the same time, just add a shelf or hang a holster on the side wall. You have one full-width shelf and 3 half-width shelves you can use to change the configuration.

Everything in this unit can be taken out so you’ll be able to accommodate rifles, handguns, ammunition, and accessories at the same time without too many difficulties. This gun cabinet weighs about 90 lbs and has the following measurements: Height – 55”, width – 21”, and depth – 18”. Because it is relatively small, you should anchor it to the wall or to the floor for extra security in case of a burglary.

Another big advantage of this model is that it comes with barrel holders. You’ll be able to use these holders to keep your guns upright. This way, you can store your rifles with the scopes mounted, without having to worry about the gun leaning on the scope.

best gun safe under 1000 dollar

A large gun collection is an expensive investment along with an attractive target for thieves, so it is vital to protect it against any threat. The Mesa MBF5922E gun safe has been carefully designed to keep your precious firearms safe from both criminals and fire, while remaining easy to use and affordable. This’s a full size safe, standing 59 inches high and built solidly enough to resist practically any attack.

Externally, the safe is a substantial box with an attractive black powder-coat finish. The whole body is constructed from hardened steel, so it is highly resistant even to power tools or drilling, and the door is recessed to prevent it being pried open. The two large hinges are externally mounted, which can cause concerns in a more lightly constructed safe, but these ones are massive enough that they can’t be knocked or pried off and they’re also hardened to resist cutting. The door is secured by three live locking bolts and three deadbolts, making for great security when it’s locked. Pre-drilled mounting holes let you bolt the safe securely to the structure of your home, and mounting hardware is supplied. The exterior is completed with nice brass and chrome hardware. As well as the oval keypad there’s a traditional-style three-spoked opening lever. This safe has a classic appearance that looks good in any setting.

As well as being intrusion-resistant to California DOJ standards this safe is also ETL certified to protect its contents against a fire of up to 1750F degrees for 60 minutes. This is a feature that’s often overlooked, but don’t forget your guns are actually more likely to be lost in a home fire than stolen by thieves.

The lock itself is an electronic combination model using a full 12-button keypad (with numbers 0-9) and each safe comes with a unique 5-digit passcode. Of course it also lets you select your own code but be aware that the factory code can’t be deleted, so keep it safe and secret. The lock runs on four AA batteries (which aren’t supplied) and you also get two backup keys to open the safe if the batteries die or you forget your code. If three failed attempts are made to enter the code, the safe will lock down for two minutes, and entering a valid code will unlock the safe for four seconds. If it hasn’t been opened by then it automatically locks again, so you can’t get distracted and leave the safe unlocked. This really is a very secure lock.

Internally, the safe is extremely flexible. The inside is carpeted to protect your guns, and the supplied racks will hold up to 14 long guns. Unlike some safes this REALLY means long guns, too – with an internal height of 57.8 inches you’ll have no trouble storing .308 battle rifles, long-barreled shotguns or classic bolt-action guns. We even managed to fit in a Brown Bess musket – that was a tight squeeze, admittedly, but we did it. Easily configured shelves also let you store handguns, ammunition and accessories.

Overall this is not just an extremely secure safe; it is also versatile, good looking and has a genuinely huge capacity. If you have a substantial gun collection this is the one you need. Priced at under 1,000 dollar, this safe is comparable to some others costing 3-4 times more.

The Stack-On 24 Gun Fire Safe also has the same California DOJ and ETL ratings. It holds up to 24 long guns and comes with four adjustable shelves for small items. One nice touch is Stack-On’s barrel rest standoffs, which let you store scope-equipped rifles with the optics clear of the safe walls. The Stack-On 24 is available in a choice of colors including black, brown and hunter green, so if you’re really concerned about it matching your décor, this could be the one.

The lock has pretty much the same features as the SentrySafe’s, including a lockdown after three incorrect code inputs. A very traditional brass wheel withdraws the three live bolts once the door is unlocked. This is a very handsome safe and it’s tough, too. It might be the runner up in this category but it’s a very close contest. 

best gun safe under 1500 dollar

 Steelwater Heavy Duty 20 Long Gun Fire Protection Review

The steelwater heavy duty 20 long gun fire protections is one of the best guns safe for under 1500 dollar that able to provide you 45 minutes of protection from fire at a maximum of 1550 degree F.

You can find this gun safe made from sturdy steel and there is no silt between the door and 1inch locking bolts.

You can keep at best 20 long guns but on an average you able to keep 12-16 guns at the same time.

It is an ultra strength because its uses gear driven bolts system so you may find super strong against prying, drilling, or any kind of attacks. You can remove or adjust the shelves for any extra storage options.

What I Like

  • Has super quality electric lock system.
  • High security both sided bypass keys so you never be locked in your safe
  • Heat proof expandable door seal that able to seal smoke and water during fire time.
  • All double bypass keys included.

What I Didn’t Like

  • Door fits very loose and difficult to tighten
  • Have doubt about fireproof

Bottom line:

It has a lifetime warranty against fire and burglary and 1-year service warranty if its manufacturer’s defects. 

Stack-On FS-24-MG-C 24-Gun Fire Resistant Safe Review

The brand stack-on fire resistance gun safe able to provide you best safety and security of your guns. The outstanding quality gives you ultimate comfort and durability.

This particular gun safe has achieved certificates from California Department of Justice meaning highest standard of quality so you should have any doubt but to use this safe without for storing your firearms.

The Stack-on safe is capable of keeping fire away at least 30 minutes with a maximum of 1400° F including an expandable door to protect the safe at the time of the fire.

The dual way locking system 1inch thick steel plate and five locking points give you best security measures of your guns from punching and burglars.

What I Like

  • Have 4 shelves and all are adjustable.
  • Can keep your firearms on some shelves and make storage the rest.
  • Can accommodate barrel, rifles, and shotguns.
  • Drill resistance and 3 combinations of lock provide top security.

What I Didn’t Like

  • Do not store CDs or Electronics devices inside the gun safe.
  • Do not find smooth dial.

Bottom line:

The inside shelves are fully coated with nice carpet and you can keep maximum 24 firearms that are highest 54 inches long.

Steelwater Standard Duty 16 Long Gun Fire Protection Review

The steelwater standard duty 16 long gun fire protections is designed to offer you a durable, excellent quality and attractive looking. You can find this safe with base level and can store 16 long guns also ensure you a maximum protection but if you keep 8-10 guns together that would be perfect.

You can access to this gun safe by using a combination lock and you can select the lock combination from three to eight digits as you may feel your regular pin code. Just keep in mind if you use more digits it ensures maximum security.

The gunfire protection safe is 59inches tall with an internal height is 55inches also have 22 inches wide 19 inches space and a good nine inches deep so you have enough space for your guns.

What I Like

  • The safe is quite heavy about 305lbs.
  • Ultra strong steel can hold fire at least 45 minutes.
  • Inside shelves both detachable and modifiable.
  • Extendable steel plate to protect from fire.

What I Didn’t Like

  • The safe is bit expensive
  • Limited ammo space.

Bottom line:

They made the bolts are heavy duty also drill resistance door gives you top protection as you desire from your gunfire protection safe.

Mesa Safe MBF2020C All Steel Burglary and Fire Safe Review

A Mesa safe all steel burglary and fire safe is specially designed to use for multipurpose. You may not find any flaws on their burglary and fire protection products and able to protect your guns, valuables, handguns and documents.

It has a lifetime warranty but limited for some specific damages or destroys. It gives you ultra fire protection comes with 4-1/2 inch thickness and 1inch diameter with solid steel locking and dead bolts.

The hinges of the gunfire protection safe also very sturdy and has a solid steel plate that able to protect from fire.

It’s able to hold fire for 2 hours with a maximum of 350° F and tested in the factory that able to work perfectly highest 1830° F.

What I Like

  • It is protected by spring back locks.
  • All steel plates are drill resistance.
  • Able to relock after punching the safe.
  • Has a maximum of 2 combination locks.

What I Didn’t Like

  • Comparatively high price.
  • Uses chrome Plastic caps that looks very cheap.

Bottom line:

This safe is made of hammered gray finish with stainless steel structure so its look very attractive and ultra strong.

best gun safe under 2000 

Stack-On 24 Gun Safe

The Stack On 24 gun safe is a massive safe at an excellent price. The safe offers room for 24 different long arms.  (Of course, this measure is based on standard-sized rifles and shotguns, so don’t expect to fit 24 Barrett fifty caliber rifles in the safe!) That being said, the safe is quite massive and as you could imagine very heavy. The shipping weight is 448 pounds, and stands 59 inches high, is a little over 29 inches wide and 21 inches deep.

The safe allows users to securely store their weapons out of the hands of thieves, children, and all prohibited persons. The Stack On safe meets the standards of the Penal Code  section 23655, which mandates safe quality. The three number combination lock and drill resistant hardened steel plate are nearly impossible to crack without explosives.

The safe features a 4 way locking bolts and three dead bolts for a total of 8 locking points. The action locking bolts are over 5 inches long and quite thick. The safe itself is guaranteed to withstand a 1400 degree fire for 30 minutes before the safe is compromised.  This is a tank and one of the best gun safes under 2000 dollar period.

Blue Dot Second Amendment

The Blue Dot Second Amendment safe is a massive safe that allows the user to store 30 rifles or shotguns, and the ability to store eight pistols or revolvers on the door’s storage compartment. The door itself is outfitted with 5 large pouches that can hold ammunition, documents, optics, magazines, and anything else you may need to protect.

Protect your weapons with style: the safe is a granite grey with a reserved and subtle appeal. The safe is going to be taking up a lot of floor space, so it might as well look good doing it. The safe has a classic design that makes it a fixture in any room. There dark black colors match with nearly any room. The safe weighs nearly nine hundred pounds, and is easy to mount to the floor.

The Blue Dot safe has interior plush grey carpeting that is soft on the weapons. The two way locking system uses a total of 14 secure points. The 14 points are divided into 5 fixed bolts and 9 live bolts. The electronic locking system allows easy access to the safe by permitted users, and does so rapidly in case of emergency. The Blue Dot safe is an extremely well made safe, and is perfect for your home, office, or cabin. This is not only one of the best gun safes under $2000 but a damn good-looking one as well!

Mesa Gun Safe

The Mesa Gun safe company is known for their all steel safes that are extremely durable and incredibly large.  This safe is made to an extremely high standard and its price reflects it. The safe is a safe capable of holding 30 long guns. The 14.4 cubic foot safe is known by its model number, MBF 6032e. The MBF 6032e falls under their line of burglary and fire gun safes.

The Mesa Safe is rated to be pry resistant and fire resistant. The fire resistance is based on independent testing, and is rated for fires up to 1700 degrees Fahrenheit for one hour. The all steel construction is completely and totally all steel; there is not a single plastic part in the body of the safe.

The safe weighs six hundred and sixty five pounds, so no one is going to pick it up and carry it away unless the Incredible Hulk wants to steal your guns. The safe can also be bolted into cement floors and remain secured against nearly any attempt. The Mesa Gun safe has an internal power outlet and with a USB outlet. This allows the user to install an internal light, an alarm, or even a dehumidifier. The safe itself is an extremely well made safe, which secures your rifles, shotguns, and other important goods.

best under bed gun safe

This safe is a great size with a large slide out drawer. The inside is spacious so you can store a handgun an extra clip. The safe is also good for your vehicle since it is small and easy to carry.See how it compares to specialized car gun safes in our review  list of the best car gun safes. It is equipped with a digital combination lock. You can program the safe with a three to eight number access code. The safe comes with a seven-year consumer warranty.



  • The safe is heavy enough that if an intruder finds it they probably won’t attempt to carry it away.
  • Comes with an override key in the event that the battery goes dead, or you forget the access code.
  • The safe is small so it easily fits under the bed or in tight spaces.
  • The safe is large enough to hold small rifles.


  • You have to use a tool to remove a plate so you can use the override key.
  • They safe is too heavy for you to carry it with you every time you leave home.
  • The price is a little high since you can get an upright safe for around the same price.
  • It is not fireproof or waterproof.


Many people want a small safe to store items other than guns so they don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a steel safe. This is a suitable cheap alternative if that’s your line of thinking. This rolling storage container is great for your home or a dorm. It fits perfectly under the bed since it has a low profile. It also comes with a steel security cable. This is an excellent storage container to lock your valuables in whether you are an adult or teenager. The wheels allow you to move the safe quickly without doing any heavy lifting.


  • It is equipped with wheels so you can roll the storage container under the bed, unlike many others that you have to lift.
  • Comes with two keys. If you buy this for your teenager, you can give them a key, and you can keep one in the event they lose theirs.
  • This would be a good safe to lock things away from toddlers or small children.
  • You can carry this safe with you when you travel.


  • This safe is made of plastic, so it is not waterproof or fireproof.
  • A thief could easily gain access to the safe.
  • I would recommend you buy a padlock to lock the safe since the keys are universal.


This does not require a battery like many other small safes. It is small enough to fit under the bed or carry along with you when you leave home. You can mount the safe to a solid surface with the mounting brackets that are included. If you decide to move the safe, it only takes a matter of minutes to move it from one permanent location to another. The safe comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty.


  • Does not require a battery, so you do not have to worry about losing access to the safe.
  • The gun swings out when the door opens making it quicker to retrieve your handgun than many other safes.
  • You have the option of adjusting it to hold different size firearms.
  • The push button combination lock makes it quicker to access than safes with key locks or combination dials.
  • You can mount this safe under your bed out of sight of children and thieves.


  • The safe is a little expensive compared to similar ones from other companies.
  • You cannot store extra ammunition inside unless you pay more money for the ammo box.
  • An experienced thief could gain access to the safe with the help of some hand tools and a little time.

best bedside gun safe  

Fort Knox FTK-PB

Through all my research and asking around, I ended up with the Fort Knox FTK-PB Simplex Handgun Safe  after a less than optimal buy or two.  It met and exceeded all the criteria I had set out for myself.  I do not regret my decision and I tell all my new gun owner friends to get their own.

Quick Access

“Simplex” means that instead of electronic keys, a rotary dial, or biometrics, it uses mechanical buttons that provide good feedback and allow me to open the safe in around 1.5 seconds.

All I do is put in my 2-stage code and turn the knob clockwise.  An example of a 2-stage code would be pressing the 1st and 3rd button simultaneously, followed by pressing the 5th button.

I also like that I can previously input the code and turn the knob clockwise but not actually open the top.  This means you can have super fast access to it at night if you open it before you go to bed.

Fort Knox FTK-PB Simplex Open


I wanted something that, like my self-defense gun, would “always go bang.”  The Simplex lock is American made (as is the entire safe) and does not need batteries, like so many of the popular safes out there need for electronic keys or biometrics.  Also no beeps and reading errors that could get you killed.  There’s a lifetime warranty too.

Adequate Protection

The safe is really heavy (~20 lbs) since it has 3/16″ steel doors and ten gauge steel bodies.  I feel confident if it ever fell off a truck, or got attacked by a crowbar, it would put up a good fight.  I also like that the corners and sides are folded in to make prying much harder.

Fort Knox FTK-PB Corner

Fort Knox FTK-PB Inner Corner


Plenty of space for my full-size Glock 17 and extra mag.

Inside Fort Knox FTK-PB Handgun Safe

There’s also two layers of foam underneath my gun and I feel confident that you could put at least one more full sized pistol in there if you wanted.


4 pre-drilled holes on the bottom for easy mounting.

Fort Knox FTK-PB Fastened


It’s not perfect, but it’s pretty close.  The first few things I don’t like are nit-picky but the last one can be a deal breaker for you.

First is that it’s susceptible to water damage.  My wife left a cold cup of something in the top left which formed condensation and left a pattern.  I’m just glad it’s kind of cool looking.

Fort Knox FTK-PB Simplex Handgun Safe

The foam around the hinge gets in the way of closing but is easily addressed by just cutting it off.  Here’s the finished product.

FTK-PB Hinge Foam Cut

And the potential deal breaker is that it only has 1081 combinations that any smart child could try in a relatively short amount of time.  However, if you don’t have kids yet, or plan on concealing the safe, it shouldn’t be that big of a deal.

Pretty Good Bedside Gun Safe: GunVault QuickVault & 1000S

What I recommend to people who want pretty good quality but at a lower price point.  The GunVault QuickVault  and the GunVault 1000S  are top sellers with great reviews for electronic locking safes.

GunVault SpeedVault

GunVault 1000S

Quick Access: Quick access in the 2-second range.  Video later shows slight speed reduction in taking out a handgun for the side opening models such as the 1000S.

Reliable: Not as reliable in my opinion as mechanical Simplex locks, but tons of people swear by them.  I’d be comfortable using them if I were to unlock them before going to sleep.  Can turn off the key entry sounds for “stealth” mode.

Adequate Protection: Tight fittings and thick steel meet my requirements for protection against burglars and nosy guests.  12 million combinations so the possibility of someone brute force trying all of them are much less likely.  However, it still has a key override so keep it hidden.

Space: If it can fit a full-size 1911 style handgun, it will fit my Glock 17.  Other GunVault models are available for smaller or bigger storage needs.

Mountable: Easy to mount and the SpeedVault defines what it means to be a bedside or desk side safe with its ingenous opening mechanism.

GunVault SpeedVault Under Desk

Budget Bedside Gun Safe: Stack-On PDS-1500

What I first chose as my gun safe due to it’s immense popularity on Amazon and its great reviews.  The Stack-On PDS-1500  is a great budget safe but just be aware of its shortcomings.

Stack-On PDS-1500 Outside

Quick Access: Pretty quick access in the 2-3 second mark depending on your code.  However, I found since the top opening door is smaller than the base, you can have occasional hangups of your gun.

Stack-On PDS-1500 Open

Reliable: Not super reliable in my opinion.  I tested myself with late-night wake-up drills to try and open the safe and I found myself forgetting to hit the “*” key after my code.  The knob also sometimes does not work if you immediately turn clockwise…I found I had to turn counter-clockwise until it reset and then turn clockwise for 100% reliability.  I’d only be comfortable unlocking it before I slept.

Adequate Protection: Decently heavy (~10 lbs) and seems pry-resistant.  Has key access when you pry off the “Stack-On” name plate on top so keep it hidden.  Older models seem to be easily picked with just a paper clip.  You can protect against this by getting a new lock or just super-gluing the plate.

Space: Fits my full-size Glock easily with extra space for a mag or two.

Mountable: Has bottom mounts.