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How to choose best golf rangefinder

Golf seems like a high classed sport that requires lots of good and expensive equipment. But, in the other hand, golf is also a suitable sport to businessman, who usually have to work with papers, meeting every day, take hard decision. After long week, they find themselves at large green pitch, full of fresh air and wind. By playing golf, you can discover obstacles, grass or the slope in each different pitch, counting every step or shot during a match gives euphoria and light-headedness of golfers’ mind. One of the golf’s equipment that professional golfer always have is golf rangefinder. This is a most indispensable device that helps player improve their performance. In this article, let’s take a look on this unit and see how to choose best golf rangefinder.
What’s golf range finder?


Golf rangefinder is an electronic device that allows you determinate the distance accurately from you to a certain point. This handset device looks like a binocular, you can see the subject far away, and by the way, the unit calculate the distance from you to that subject on a built-in display so that you will know how far you are, leading to decide what golf swing will you take. This equipment is easy to use. First, you need a targeted point, then push the button on the device. A quick laser beam goes to the target and reflect back to the unit. Just simple like that but finding a good device is really important if you have serious intent to playing golf. Let’s see what factors to consider, helping to choose a golf rangefinder.

How to choose the best golf rangefinder?

To define if one golf rangefinder is good, we can base on many different elements to determine a good rangefinder.


Though this factor seems to be so unclear and not really important, but normally this is the first thing that new golfer will consider. Indeed, well-known brands usually provide higher priced products. Although the high price, the quality of device comes along with it. You hardly find a golf rangefinder with cheap price that can meet half of your demands. Moreover, choosing well-known brands, you can feel secure about the quality, basic features and durability. Some of them now are creating golf rangefinder with good price. Here are some brands for you to consider: Bushnell, Nikon, and Simmons… Each one of them has many different golf rangefinders having different styles, price and features but sure that they all have good quality.

Range distance and accuracy

Overall, these are the most important factors on a rangefinder because, in the large space, you need golf rangefinder to measure distances. It helps you easier to calculate every shot in order to make the game easier and improve your golfing skills. For the beginners, accuracy of the golf rangefinder is really important. Easier to target, easier to make a good swing and get familiar with the sport. When players get familiar with the game, they won’t need it anymore. And if your device isn’t accurate, it will influence to your performances and anticipation.

The range of rangefinder is also very important. The more it can measure far target, the more it’s better for you. The range maximum can be measured is from 1000 to 1500 yards. Depends on each players, you can find a suitable range for you. The climatic conditions are also important. Rangefinder is used best when it is clear and favorable. To see the range of the unit, you can check on the Internet to compare the device.

Type of rangefinder

A simple measured equipment also has different types. Base on working method, there are GPS rangefinder and Laser rangefinder. GPS handheld is favored by many golfers. With this device, you can see hole from above, just like using the maps on smartphone. Expensive device has a lot of detailed images. Laser rangefinder uses laser to measure the distance. You just need to target the point, press the button then see the result. Each golfer prefer and familiar with different style. You always can find what you need on market.

There are also rangefinder which is allowed to use in tournament and which isn’t. So if you tend to participate tournament you don’t want to buy two devices, then choose a marked legal for use in tournament device when you begin to practice.

Others features

Of course, manufacturers always improve their products with many different features. First, let’s check the battery of the device. We don’t want our games to be interrupted. The size of the device is important as well. Small and light weight device is easy to handle. You can make wristbands and put on your neck, it’s really convenient for golfer. Next, displays should be considered. LCD display brings easy view and durability and it saves battery too. Third, optical magnification is also an important thing. Some device can zoom out x4, x5. There are plenty of features in a simple device. Some has water resistant, some measure within just 15 or 20 seconds, some has saving battery mode, and some has vibration. And maybe there are some others features that we haven’t known yet.


As a high class sport, seem like we don’t need to mention price. However, saving great amount of money makes people feel good. No one want to buy an expensive products meanwhile with the same payments, you can get a better one. So the point is the price of the device has to be equal with its quality, durability and features. Less features has low price, more features, indeed has higher price. You always can find
an affordable gold rangefinder.


We could say that golf rangefinder is an equipment that every golfer needs, even though some are professional. Playing a professional tournament, golfer still needs rangefinder to improve performance and low down the scores.3

There are many different products in huge market that you can find. For an expensive sport like golf, maybe money doesn’t a matter. But make sure that you could find a good product with reasonable price and has all features that you need. The factors above are guides, advices, helping you examine one unit. We hope this article helpful and enjoy your games!

Tips for using a golf rangefinder

In the market, there are variety of rangefinders that make users confuse about their features and specifications and how to use them well. First of all, we define a laser rangefinder, which is already a best seller and the most common type in market today, uses a laser beam to gauge the distance of a target location. It is said that the laser rangefinders are complicated devices to get the hang of it, but you can believe that they actually not difficult to work with, just take a little practice. Laser rangefinders are essential tool with golfers around the world, particularly amateurs to level up this game, or newbies to prepare for a golf course. Moreover, the rangefinder can be easy to carry in your bag and do not need to be charged since they do not work on batteries. Here is some effective tips that help you use the golf rangefinder easily to obtain a more high level of this mental sport.


Choose a laser rangefinder intended for playing golf

A laser rangefinder is used for many purposes in some fields such as hunting, fishing, construction…, so you should make sure that the rangefinder is designed for golf before you purchase it. This is completely a valued advice if you want to utilize all functions of the laser rangefinder for achieving a better golfer. It is pretty headache for newcomers sin the field of golf to choose an appropriate rangefinder for them. Thus, you should ask professional players to be consulted and give the smartest decision.

Watch some online video tutorials

An important tip to master the golf rangefinder is often watching some video tutorials on YouTube or any online sources to learn how to use it. Although there are some video that have lots of “Views” in the Internet, you should consider what is essential to watch depend on your golf’s experience. They are produced for both amateurs and pro golfers, so it may take a few tries to find a suitable video. You can choose the video made by the manufacturers and the professional golfers. A good video is you can cover the basic functions, features and the best ways to apply the rangefinder in the field of golf.

Read the manual

Many people tend to ignore the necessity of reading the instruction before using any products, instead of learning themselves. However, with such devices that need high accuracy in practice, you should build a good habit to read the manual first to avoid mistakes. If there are pictures attached with the instructions, you can spend time to understand clearly anything showed on the display. This task helps you to practice the tool more effectively and quickly.

Try out the device’s built-in technology

The best golf rangefinders today are advanced with the powerful technologies to improve in measuring distance and cope with competition. For instance, Bushnell Tour V3 Golf Laser Rangefinder is designed with jolt technology that vibrates to point out the completion of the pin seeking process. Or Nikon 8397 Aculon Laser Rangefinder is integrated Distant Target Priority Mode which helps it to distinguish targets from surrounding object. Overall, there are effective technologies that can support your practice built in the golf rangefinders such as Pinhunter, Pinseeker and First Target. All of which are totally helpful to gauge the distance to the object minus the other things behind it.

Join in a practice game

You can go to a golf course for practicing and studying more detail how to use the rangefinder by the pro golfers. However, if you do not have enough time, you can practice to use it at your yard or extensive locations. You start to gauge with short distances and try to understand the information is available on the display. If you cannot do that in the first time, you should read the manual again and continue to practice. An important thing you need to remember is beginning to work with the closest objects and you should surely make it perfect before moving far. You can aim at large targets with 50 – 100 yards and study with these distances. Of courses, you should understand that it is not easy to be good job immediately, it takes a long time to get the hang of them.

Practice to gauge the distance to pins

After you use the rangefinder for some distances, you can practice shooting the flag with pins around it on the golf yards. You look on the display of the rangefinder from your position to the flag before moving other points to measure. If you are successful to get the right distance, it means that the golf rangefinder is working perfectly. If not, you should read the manual, then do it again and ask the others the accurate result. If you still have troubles, you should consider your golf rangefinder can be defective.

Be patient

It is said that nothing in this world comes easy. Therefore, you do not become a pro user in the first time you try it, so it takes some time to practice how to use, study all the features, aspects and the technologies of the device. Keep your targets and try to practice regularly to achieve them.


Do pre-game research

Although you can master with the laser rangefinder all the time, in some circumstances as you might play golf at an unfamiliar location with your friends, it is difficult to define how to use the rangefinder at here. Thus, you should research about where you
will play in the next time and try to familiarize yourself with environment, terrain and slopes to find the most effective strategies in using the golf rangefinder.


To sum up, the golf rangefinder becomes one of important parts for many golfer to conquer the interesting game. A perfect rangefinder consists of some factors such as gauging accurate distances, convenient designs and ease to use.

However, to utilize that all features you need to learn more and practice the golf rangefinder regularly to upgrade your level in the field of golf.

How to maintain lens of golf rangefinder


Golf is always considered as a high class, luxury and expensive sport, but it’s also a game of mind, intelligence and patience. Indeed, golf requires lots of technique, patience and also plenty of equipment that players need to prepare before starting to play it. Among those, we shouldn’t forget golf rangefinder. Though golfers are usually capable to buy a high priced rangefinder but I’m sure that most of them are too busy and annoyed to buy a new one. So, in this article, we will show you how to maintain lens of golf rangefinder – the most important and vulnerable part of a rangefinder.

Why do we have to preserve it?

We can’t deny the need of a golf rangefinder. Indeed, rangefinder is a device that help you determine how far from you to the target. The rangefinder makes the game easier to, new golfers, by just one single look. Worthy for the investment of golfer, most rangefinder in market were made with durable and high qualified material.

However, lens is the most vulnerable part, easy to be damaged if you don’t maintain it correctly. Through lens, you can see the object from far. If it’s damaged the lens in golf rangefinder, your vision will be influenced and not be able to become your assistance during the game. That still not mention that you may have to change to another one because the lens becomes useless. Just like a photographer has always preserve the lens of the camera well, not just because it’s expensive, but also in order to ensure every single shot is clear and give the best effect.

So, even though it just a small device, made with good materials, maintaining the lens of golf rangefinder is still needed so that it can serve you for long time.

Factor destroy lens


Playing golf outside, it’s hard to avoid dust drop into lens. Dust is the scariest enemy of lens, including golf rangefinder’s lens or camera’s lens, it’s really dangerous if sand and dust drop into it. The small factor can easily infiltrate inside the rangefinder. Especially when it comes to a windy day, your rangefinder will be full of dust. As the result, the small sand or dust will scratch lens. Besides, it’s easy for them to damage other part of the rangefinder. So, don’t underestimate the power of small sand.


This is the element that people usually forget. On rainy day or in high humid weather, the device is easily affected by the water. Indeed, anything could be broken by a little water. Even a water resistance cell phone just ensures that it could survive at certain condition and anytime could be damaged by water. And so the golf rangefinder. Maybe all parts of the unit are water resistance, however the change of temperature or weather still allows water vapor get inside the lens. The water, inside the lens, affect the view during the game and could be the cause that damage your device, leading to influence the accuracy of the unit.

UV light

Sound weir because we use golf rangefinder for out-door activity so it’s unable to avoid sun light. Though, experts suggest that do not let your device under the sun for too long. The UV in sun light attacks the glass and for long time, this could damage your golf rangefinder. You may doubt when seeing this, it is a little opposite with camera’s lens. Some photographers put their lens under the sun or UV light for a while to dry them. But for golf rangefinder, when you don’t use it, put it on a small handbag so that lens couldn’t contact with direct sunlight.

And there are more some factor that could damage your lens such as high temperature, shock impact. So, how can we maintain lens of golf rangefinder for longer time?

Maintain lens? Do it right!


Cleaning lens frequently

The simplest and easiest thing you can do for maintain lens. Regularly cleaning lens is the perfect way to ensure and maintain lens’ life. After using it, let clean lens with a soft tissue and a small soft brush. You can easily get the right brush and towel in camera store or golf rangefinder store. Then, gently clean the surface of the lens so that stain and dust can’t damage it. If you use soft tissue, you can put some pure alcohol or windshield washer fluid to enhance the process. Just remember that after using it, take 10 or 15 minutes to clean it. Even though you tend to not use it for long time, keep cleaning it at least 3 times a week to maintain the quality of lens.

Keep away from UV light

This is the most important key to maintain rangefinder. Like I said above, when not using it, let put it on the handbag or close the lid to avoid UV light. Somehow, the lens is sensitive to UV light and it’s easy to be damaged by the attack of the sun.

Keep it safe

Lens is the most sensitive part of rangefinder. So make sure that you don’t drop it suddenly to a rough surface and leave it in an even surface and make sure that nothing can’t roll it over. If it’s broken and needs to be repaired, let the professionals do their jobs and don’t try to fix it by yourself. Wrong method could make it worst. In another hand, you can use the way photographers protect their lens: put rangefinder in small and private plastic box with desiccant pack. The box avoids maximum dust, sand, temperature changing, shock impact and others factors that could damage your rangefinder.


Overall, maintaining lens of golf rangefinder isn’t really hard. This article shows you what can damage it so that you can avoid it. In order to keep it with you in longer time, you just need to put a little carefulness and meticulousness on your device.

First time, you might think that takes lots of time and complex. But when it comes to habit, things go easier for you. By single step, you will keep the golf rangefinder year by year and having fun in every game without worrying anything interrupt.

Advantages And Disadvantage Of Using Laser Rangefinders And GPS Rangefinders

Rangefinders have been the hottest selling devices in the golfing industry in recent years. This is because they help both aspiring golfing professionals and experienced golfers improve their games to an unimaginable extent. They are very important tools to carry along for any golfer who want to master the act of hitting accurate targets. There are two main types of the golf rangefinders: laser rangefinder and golf GPS. These devices are different in some ways and similar in some ways too. They have advantages over each other as well as shortfalls. While rangefinders are used to measure distances based on the time taken for the laser bean to reflect on the target, the GPS unit is programmed to detect positions on a golf course. Some golfers prefer the GPS to the laser rangefinders because the former is already programmed and readings will not be affected as a result of the golfer’s mistake. Below are the main advantages and disadvantages of the two types of golf rangefinders

Advantage of Laser Rangefinders


Bushnell Tour Z6 Golf Laser Rangefinder with JOLT

Laser rangefinders work by making use of a laser bean which hones onto the pin. They are very simple to use. All you need to do is point the rangefinder at the pin from the position of your ball and you will be given the exact yardage of your target. It provides precise measurements to the flagstick, which makes them better than GPS rangefinders in this aspect.

Advantage of GPS Rangefinders


GolfBuddy Voice GPS

The GPS rangefinder uses a satellite feed that provides detailed information on thousands of courses all over the world. This makes it customized to be used in many golf courses as they provide accurate information on various locations on a hole. Most of these devices displays specific colors to inform you on the yardage of a specific point. This feature will become very useful when you are trying to place shots on the best position and prevent bunkers and other hazards that may stand in the way.

Some GPS devices even show yardages to different positions and also the contours on the golf course to help you aim better.

Disadvantage of Laser Rangefinders

Although laser rangefinders can help you aim accurately when playing golf, they don’t provide enough information on the right parts of the fairways and greens. They only give you the correct distance to the pin but you will have a lot of work to do to guess the correct places to place your shots since you don’t have enough information about the golf course. This may be a huge disadvantage when playing on a course you are not familiar with.

Disadvantage of GPS Rangefinder

It may be dicey to relay only on a satellite feed. What happens if the satellite reception is non-existent or weak at the course? What do you do if the golf course you are playing has not been mapped? Also, the satellite connection may be blocked by a significant number of trees, making you have very faint signals on some of the areas you want to play. Moreover, the cost of GPS rangefinders can increase substantially if you take into account the annual fees imposed by some companies to use their mapping services. These are some of the shortfalls of relying only on GPS rangefinders.

So, what is the most ideal option?

From the above, we have seen that both GPS rangefinders and Laser rangefinders have their benefits and shortfalls. While the former can help you acquire a lot of information on different golf course, the latter is specifically helpful when you want to measure accurate yardage. If you are a travelling golfer who always plays on different golf yards, it will be vital to have the GPS rangefinder. On the other hand if you are still an amateur and learning how to aim targets accurately, a laser rangefinder can help you a lot. Of, course it won’t be a bad idea to have them both if their cost will not be much burden to you.

Benefits of Golf Rangefinder and Golf GPS Measuring Devices

One very good way novice golfers can improve their golfing skills is to have a good handheld GPS device. A proper management of a golf course is an excellent way to get the right target in your practice but this aspect is so often neglected by too many golfers. With the right GPS system, you will always have a better advantage and cut your learning curve to the barest minimum.

GPS golf rangefinders can be a great tool but to get the best out of them, you need to do some homework before going to the course. With a rangefinder, you will be able to measure accurate distances to any object on the golf course. However, you need to learn how far you can hit the target to enjoy the benefit of having a greater accuracy. Below are some of the benefits of having a golf rangefinder when on the golf course.


GolfBuddy GB8-VT3-14 Smart Golf Watch, Black, Small


Keeping track of the improvements you are making on your average distance can boost your motivation to even work harder. Tracking your average distance progress can show you how far you have improved than merely looking at the final score.

Boost confidence:

Just like any other sport, having confidence when playing golf can lift up your game in no small measures. If you have doubts on which club to choose or doubt about distance, you may not have enough confidence to play your game. But with the help of the golf rangefinder you will have fewer uncertainties which will definitely boost your confidence as you try to aim accurately. The fewer uncertainties you have the more confident you will be to aim your target. Moreover, as you hit more accurate targets and understand that you are getting better, you will definitely have more confidence to aim better.

Speed up play:

by using a golf rangefinder, you will minimize any waste of time as there will not be any need to pace out distances to mark your yards. Also, selecting your club will not require much thinking.

Data Gathering:

This is one of the most important functions of a rangefinder. It is very efficient at gathering distance information to let you know how far you need to heat each club. Having this knowledge can set you a step ahead of other golfers you will be playing against.

Better Decision Making:

Your decision making ability can be greatly improved if you are able to accurately measure distances to different hazards on the golf course. If you can correctly measure the distance you need to get rid of a fairway bunker, you will be able to play accordingly and know whether the risk is worth taking.


Although the golf GPs system has been around for a short while, their impact has been amazing. The golf GPS system as an aid for golfers may only have been around for a few years but already their impact has been quite amazing. These golf rangefinder systems can be utilized as satellite to tell you the exact information on yardages, including distance to hazards and distance to the green. In recent times, the GPS market has skyrocketed and it is rightly because of the impact it has when it comes to giving you the right information on a golf course, even if you have not stepped into the course before. So if you are looking to improve your game, a GPS system is surely the best way to go. Overall, the importance of golf GPS and golf rangefinders for amateur and seasoned golfers cannot be emphasized enough.

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