How to choose best golf rangefinder

Golf seems like a high classed sport that requires lots of good and expensive equipment. But, in the other hand, golf is also a suitable sport to businessman, who usually have to work with papers, meeting every day, take hard decision. After long week, they find themselves at large green pitch, full of fresh air and wind. By playing golf, you can discover obstacles, grass or the slope in each different pitch, counting every step or shot during a match gives euphoria and light-headedness of golfers’ mind. One of the golf’s equipment that professional golfer always have is golf rangefinder. This is a most indispensable device that helps player improve their performance. In this article, let’s take a look on this unit and see how to choose best golf rangefinder.
What’s golf range finder?


Golf rangefinder is an electronic device that allows you determinate the distance accurately from you to a certain point. This handset device looks like a binocular, you can see the subject far away, and by the way, the unit calculate the distance from you to that subject on a built-in display so that you will know how far you are, leading to decide what golf swing will you take. This equipment is easy to use. First, you need a targeted point, then push the button on the device. A quick laser beam goes to the target and reflect back to the unit. Just simple like that but finding a good device is really important if you have serious intent to playing golf. Let’s see what factors to consider, helping to choose a golf rangefinder.

How to choose the best golf rangefinder?

To define if one golf rangefinder is good, we can base on many different elements to determine a good rangefinder.


Though this factor seems to be so unclear and not really important, but normally this is the first thing that new golfer will consider. Indeed, well-known brands usually provide higher priced products. Although the high price, the quality of device comes along with it. You hardly find a golf rangefinder with cheap price that can meet half of your demands. Moreover, choosing well-known brands, you can feel secure about the quality, basic features and durability. Some of them now are creating golf rangefinder with good price. Here are some brands for you to consider: Bushnell, Nikon, and Simmons… Each one of them has many different golf rangefinders having different styles, price and features but sure that they all have good quality.

Range distance and accuracy

Overall, these are the most important factors on a rangefinder because, in the large space, you need golf rangefinder to measure distances. It helps you easier to calculate every shot in order to make the game easier and improve your golfing skills. For the beginners, accuracy of the golf rangefinder is really important. Easier to target, easier to make a good swing and get familiar with the sport. When players get familiar with the game, they won’t need it anymore. And if your device isn’t accurate, it will influence to your performances and anticipation.

The range of rangefinder is also very important. The more it can measure far target, the more it’s better for you. The range maximum can be measured is from 1000 to 1500 yards. Depends on each players, you can find a suitable range for you. The climatic conditions are also important. Rangefinder is used best when it is clear and favorable. To see the range of the unit, you can check on the Internet to compare the device.

Type of rangefinder

A simple measured equipment also has different types. Base on working method, there are GPS rangefinder and Laser rangefinder. GPS handheld is favored by many golfers. With this device, you can see hole from above, just like using the maps on smartphone. Expensive device has a lot of detailed images. Laser rangefinder uses laser to measure the distance. You just need to target the point, press the button then see the result. Each golfer prefer and familiar with different style. You always can find what you need on market.

There are also rangefinder which is allowed to use in tournament and which isn’t. So if you tend to participate tournament you don’t want to buy two devices, then choose a marked legal for use in tournament device when you begin to practice.

Others features

Of course, manufacturers always improve their products with many different features. First, let’s check the battery of the device. We don’t want our games to be interrupted. The size of the device is important as well. Small and light weight device is easy to handle. You can make wristbands and put on your neck, it’s really convenient for golfer. Next, displays should be considered. LCD display brings easy view and durability and it saves battery too. Third, optical magnification is also an important thing. Some device can zoom out x4, x5. There are plenty of features in a simple device. Some has water resistant, some measure within just 15 or 20 seconds, some has saving battery mode, and some has vibration. And maybe there are some others features that we haven’t known yet.


As a high class sport, seem like we don’t need to mention price. However, saving great amount of money makes people feel good. No one want to buy an expensive products meanwhile with the same payments, you can get a better one. So the point is the price of the device has to be equal with its quality, durability and features. Less features has low price, more features, indeed has higher price. You always can find
an affordable gold rangefinder.


We could say that golf rangefinder is an equipment that every golfer needs, even though some are professional. Playing a professional tournament, golfer still needs rangefinder to improve performance and low down the scores.3

There are many different products in huge market that you can find. For an expensive sport like golf, maybe money doesn’t a matter. But make sure that you could find a good product with reasonable price and has all features that you need. The factors above are guides, advices, helping you examine one unit. We hope this article helpful and enjoy your games!

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