How To Choose The Best Golf Rangefinders

Golf is a game that requires precision, concentration and accuracy in gauging the distance of a target. As much as many see it as at an easy game to play, isn’t as easy as it seems, especially when it comes to getting the correct target as even the most experienced golfers fail sometimes. Golf rangefinders have made it possible and easy for golfers to get correct and accurate yardages on the golf course in seconds. As compared to the usual guess work of determining the target distance, golf rangefinders have made golfing easy and narrowed the handicap of most golfers. Considering the challenges and uncertainties that accompany yardage guessing, obtaining a golf rangefinder is not only the best solution but also the wisest decision you can make in regards to your golfing game.

Nikon COOLSHOT AS Laser Rangefinder

Purpose of the rangefinder

Just like any other product, choosing the best rangefinder is one challenging and daunting task. Before settling on an ideal rangefinder you ought to consider the exact device you want to buy. What are you going to use it for? In the market today there are two different categories of rangefinders; the tournament edition and the slope edition. If you are looking for one to use in golf competitions, then choose a tournament edition. Why is this so? This is because rangefinders that fall into this category are legally accepted in competitions since they are designed to give a basic line of sight distance measurements only.

Unlike the tournament edition, the slope edition rangefinders are non legal for competitions and can therefore only be used in training and golf practices. The slope edition rangefinders come with advanced features that enable you to take into account slope angles. They also provide you with adjusted yardage measurements for incline and decline in the golf course. Others are also designed to offer you with suggestions on the next club you should use in the next shot. So, if you will need your golf rangefinder for competitions, the tournament edition is more ideal. On the other hand, slope editions are for those who only want to practice golf or use it for training to improve and gain more playing experience.

Nikon COOLSHOT AS Laser Rangefinder

Make use of customer and product reviews

This helps in making an informed decision when it comes to choosing the best rangefinder. They are available in most websites like this, online shops and sites like Amazon and eBay. Take time to read through the shared experiences as well as the critiques, they actually come in handy. It is important to get information from an end user than making a rush choice then go back to the process of looking for another, simply because the first one had flaws.

Considering budget

It is very important to work within budget. You are the one in need of the rangefinder. Before you set out to look for one, know the depth of your pocket and know what you can afford. You needn’t go for an expensive product and then end up not using it. Compare the prices of the various rangefinder brands and qualities, then choose one you can afford. Although, keep in mind that price should never be the sole determining factor when choosing any product.


Golf rangefinders are increasingly becoming popular and are used by more than 60 percent of golf players because of their overall benefits. But if you are ready to buy one for yourself, study the benefits of the various golf rangefinders available in the market and purchase one that fits your purpose, talent and is within your price range.

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