How To Choose A Rifle Scope

How To Choose A Rifle Scope?

The one thing to remember when considering the price and quality of a rifle scope (yes, there is a direct correlation) is this: better scopes buy you time. That is. a high-quality scope will function better in low light conditions than a cheaply built scope. allowing you to shoot effectively earlier in the morning and later in the evening. Staring through scopes whfle you‘re inside your favorite big-box sporting goods store will rarely show you the differences that you’re paying for.

For a great do-it—all rifle scope. get a good-quality 3—9×40 mm scope with adjustable parallax from a reputable manufacturer such as Leupold. Nikon. or Vortex. Plan on paying at least $350. Never buy a scope that doesn’t carry a warranty. There are many alternatives to the 3—9×40. For close-range shooting. say out to 200 yards. a Z—8x 30 mm is all the scope you need. The smaller magnification allows for a huge field of View. making getting on target a breeze. When hunting in the West or any-where else that requires longer-range shooting. a scope with a 50 mm objective and a top end magnification of 16x or even 24x will help pull those critters in close for exact bullet placement. The 50 mm objective lens also draws in more light. buying you time during low light conditions.

how to choose a rifle scope

how to choose a rifle scope

Duplex reticle: The most common reticle, suitable for virtually all hunting applications.It is clean and simple. BDC (bullet drop compensation) reticle: Each hash mark belowthe crosshair equates to a predetermined holdover for a specific cartridge and bullet ata certain distance. Mil or MOA reticle: Used for long-range shooting applications where precise holds for windage and elevation are crucial.


Imagine an old-fashioned speedometer in a car, where the needle sits in front of a fixed circular face printed with numbers. Now picture that speedometer when viewed from the passenger’s seat. From there, it’s hard to get an accurate reading 1 on the needle’s position. While this isn’t a perfect analogy, it helps explain a vexin problem that many people have with rifle scopes. Scopes with a fixed focus (the is, any scope without an adjustable objective or an adjustable parallax knob) are prefocused at the factory. Typically, fixed-focus scopes meant for center-fire car-tridges are focused at 100 yards; fixed-focus scopes meant for air rifles or rim-fire-cartridges are focused at 50 yards. This doesn’t mean that these scopes are out of focus when looking at objects at other distances—your eye does the work of correcting the focus. It could mean, however, that you’re looking at the crosshaire from the passenger seat. In other words, it might seem that the crosshairs dr’ around on the target with slight movements of your head. To correct this, mak , sure that your fixed-focus scope roughly corresponds with the distances that you’  most likely to be shooting at. With a .22, that’s probably going to be a 50-yard focusk and with center-fires, 100 yards. But if you’re going to get serious about shooting accurately at longer ranges, you’ll want a scope with parallax adjustment.

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How To Choose A Rifle Scope?
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