Common Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Golf Rangefinder

Making mistakes is okay, but making avoidable mistakes is pretty gross. How do you just slip-up in the process of buying a golf rangefinder? I mean, there are so many ways, platforms and tips you can look into before you embark on the rangefinder hunt. It is obvious that those of you that end up buying defective products were either in a rush or simply ignored the basics. Here are a few common mistakes you should never make when you want to buy golf rangefinder.

Bushnell Tour V3 Jolt Standard Edition Golf Laser Rangefinder

Assuming any type can work

First of all you need to realize that in golf there are two types of rangefinders; slope edition and tournament edition. The slope edition is used for practices and non competitive games. They are also non legal according to golf rules. The tournament edition is legal; it is acceptable to use in competitions as they are designed with minimal features which have very less or no influence in how you compete. The problem is that most people assume that any of the above types can work in any golf game. No, they can’t. You need to have the correct type of rangefinder for the game; otherwise you will get yourself into some serious trouble during a proper competition.

Disregarding reviews

Between you a first time buyer and him an experienced user, who knows best? Disregarding reviews is not just wrong; it can cost you a whole lot when it comes to gaming. The main reason you look at past reviews and comments is because you need to get information on the product you intend to purchase. These are people who have firsthand experience or rather are more knowledgeable on the product. It is only wise that you take into consideration the pros and cons listed on the Amazon’s product page of the golf rangefinder and compare them with a few other reviews before settling on the ideal golf rangefinder.

Settling for unauthentic brands

The authenticity of a golf rangefinder brand actually links it to its effectiveness. Authentic golf rangefinder brands are less likely to disappoint compared to unauthentic brands. It does not necessarily mean that reputable brands are expensive. It only means that this are established brands whose quality has been verified time and again. Buying an unauthentic rangefinder will only give you poor product quality hence poor services.


Bushnell Tour V3 Jolt Standard Edition Golf Laser Rangefinder

Inadequate research

Research is the most important factor one needs to consider before buying a golf rangefinder. It helps in knowing the different products in the market; their qualities, prices, specifications and available brands. Most people do not have the ability to research; they therefore end up buying products that are either defective, poor quality or of little value.

Putting price as the sole determining factor

There are people who tend to think that the best products are the most expensive ones. They therefore shop and buy products based on their price tag. It is important to note that golf rangefinder prices vary from brands to models to specifications and qualities. While the quality of a golf rangefinder can determine its price to some extent, this is not usually the case. Look at the features and what you really want in a golf rangefinder. As stated above, you need to see how other users have compared and rated the product before placing your money on it.


Golf rangefinders are valuable tools for both novice and experienced golf players who want to take their game to the next level. But to make sure you are making use of the right tool, the above tips will guide you on the things to avoid in order to increase your chances of becoming very successful when playing the game.

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