Golf Rangefinder Buyers Guide

In the past, golfers rely on their own instincts and experience to determine yardages and know the distance of their targets from where they place their balls. But with the recent technology, they can now play golf with ease of mind knowing there are devices that can help them accurately determine distances and enable them get precise shots.

Rangefinders have revolutionized the way golfers plan golf shots, select clubs and play on the course. Golfers have today made use of this technology in every possible way to lower their scores. Both newbies and professionals in the game of golf make use of rangefinders to establish exact distances to hollows, risks and pin locations. With this rapidly growing trend, buying of correct and ideal golf rangefinders still remains a challenge to most.

Nikon 8397 ACULON Laser Rangefinder

While most do not know where and how to buy one, a larger percentage have no idea what features to look for in a good and effective golf rangefinder. Below are six very important features you need to look for before buying a golf rangefinder.

Maximum range.

A maximum range describes the furthest distance the rangefinder can measure. This distance ranges from a couple hundreds of yards to over thousands of yards. Depending on your game level, you should look for a device that will serve you well and effectively; that’s a rangefinder with maximum range enough to cover your course.

Maximum magnification

This refers to the zooming capabilities of the device sighting system. Rangefinders usually feature magnification of 4x to 8x, although the necessary magnification level changes with each golfer needs. Note that the higher the magnification the more difficult it becomes to steadily hold it steady. But it is always better to use a higher magnification on a longer range.

Availability of slope

This is the ability of the rangefinder to estimate slope, change in elevation and factoring that dimension into the distance measurement. This feature however, does not come with all golf rangefinder models; it is common in the slope edition models.


This is basically the device weight and dimension. A rangefinder is not something you want to be looking for an extra bag to be moving around with. This is a device that should ensure ease of use as much as efficiency. Therefore when looking for rangefinders, look for a portable and lightweight device. Hold it in your hands to ensure that you have a good grip of it, otherwise the fun and easiness of playing golf with it will not be there. However, do not buy a device that is extremely too small that cannot be held by both your hands. You’ll need to use your two hands to have a better grip.

Battery life

Battery life is one important feature most buyers tend to overlook. Imagine a situation where you are in the middle of a game and all of sudden your rangefinder goes dead! You do not have a replacement or a way to charge it. What will you do? Do not overlook the importance of this feature. Compare the battery lives of the many rangefinders available and ensure that whichever you choose will serve you best.


Rangefinders use either the LCD or LED screens features. However, rangefinders with LED screens tend to display clearer images than the LCDs. This of course make devices with LED screens more expensive than LCD featured screen devices.

In conclusion, all this features play a big role in determining the effectiveness of a rangefinder. Knowing and understanding each one of them will help you a great deal in buying the best, and most effective golf rangefinder for your overall playing needs.

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