GPS golf rangefinders are devices used to aid golfers to accurately determine the distance to certain set points on a golf course, such as the green or various hazards. These devices are developed using the global satellite positioning system. The GPS device corresponds with overhead satellites to pin point the users’ exact location on the course and then uses previously recorded locations to tell the distance to any important locations near you. They help the user to accurately determine target distance without having to see them. This is why they are increasingly getting recognized worldwide as a special tool that can help both novice and experienced golfers improve their games.

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Golf GPS rangefinders come in various models and specifications. Features like the satellite imaging system can be used by golfers to lower their golf scores, because they are able to find near exact distance to the pin, course hazards and land layouts; so that the best club can be selected for the next shot. Other GPS enabled golf rangefinders come with features that make it possible to document shot statistics electronically so as to automatically calculate the average distance achieved with the specific clubs. Others are designed to withstand all weather conditions; this means that they can be used in calm, sunny, windy or rainy weathers. Just like the variation in models and features, the prices also vary depending on specific models and brands. Those with special weather features are more expensive than those with basic features.

Apart from the ease of use, golf GPS rangefinders have greatly improved on users distance calculations which enables precise pinpointing of exact locations on course. The main advantage these GPS units have over the conventional rangefinders and laser rangefinders is that their main target does not have to be in the line of sight for them to give readings. This is because the pre- installed course maps can actually be applied electronically as opposed to visual sighting.

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Another great advantage you will love about this product is that they give general view of every golf hole enabling the user to visualize the best location to hit. Some golf GPS rangefinders have color display features that give measurement to any point on the golf hole; this includes the front middle and back. Interestingly, there is a feature available in some golf GPS rangefinders that can actually offer suggestions on the next club to choose for the next shot. Isn’t this cool? Not only does this boost your confidence in a game but it also improves your overall performance.

While some golf GPS rangefinders come with pre-mapped courses, others need downloading from websites or manual installation. This is an advantage for those that may need to update their course maps or even courses that are not actually available in the pre-mapped courses. For the course downloads, most manufacturers require that users to pay monthly or yearly subscription fees to access and be able to install courses. This should not be a big problem if you understand the overall benefits of getting accurate information on any golf course you want to play in the world. In truth, good things don’t come cheap. But the most amazing things is that these subscription fees are very affordable.

In summary, the golf GPS range finder should be the next accessory you are acquiring if at all you intend to boost performance and coordination in the golf course. With all the benefits that come with golf GPS rangefinders, not only will you be able to improve overall performance but be in for accurate shots and a fun filled golfing experience.

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