Great boat Tips for Duck Hunting

Great boat Tips for Duck Hunting

Duck hunting is a fun activity provided you got the tactics to tackle the task. It has been adopted by different communities who live around water bodies all over the world. Ducks love still water and that is where you got to be every time you need a duck meal. In order to succeed in this task, you need great skills and tricks for a bountiful harvest. Below is some Great boat Tips for Duck Hunting from the greatest hunters that were compiled to be applied by the rest of the hunters all over the world.

Introduce decoys in your hunting expedition

Using mallards isn’t the answer. Ducks are also intelligent to decipher when mallards aren’t in season. Stick to decoys and they will perfectly bring the ducks to a perfect location for hunting. Invest in more decoys as they are the perfect mimics for ducks. Leave out the mallards. Here is what you should put in mind while using decoys to woo the ducks. Make them visible even from a distant. Set your decoys around clear water. Make your decoys as real as possible to easily attract ducks. Let quality prevail over quantity. What’s the essence of having over a thousand decoys and hunting only a few ducks?

Master their breeding habits
Before becoming a pro in hunting ducks from a boat, take some time and learn more about the birds. Ducks usually change habitats every season. Move with their pace and you will find it easy hunting ducks. Observance is the key to success. Prioritize with where they get their food. Look for a place where planktons and other aquatic animals thrive. This is where they definitely frequent since there is plenty of food there. At other times, they prefer grain seeds to aquatic food. The next thing to do is to discover the water depth that ducks like. Master their trend and you will always be in the right place to hunt as many ducks as you wish. You will never go wrong once you master the art of knowing their location at different times of the year.

Camouflage your hunting boat

Blend your boat with the surrounding water habitat. Blind the ducks and make them unaware of an approaching enemy. This is one of the best strategies to get as many ducks as possible. Use a Camo Cord and line the whole boat with it. Thereafter, add vegetation to match with the surrounding. Secure the woven vegetation well and it will sustain you the whole hunting season. One thing to always keep in mind is to never let the height of your camouflaged boat surpass the surrounding area. This way, the ducks will never know that you are watching them. Do not overdo the camouflage also. As you set up the boat, make it as comfortable as possible because you are going to be sitting there for some while as you wait for the perfect time to hunt them down. Also, keep a strategic location where it won’t be hard for you to shoot at the birds.

Check the wind
Wind direction will definitely tell you which course to take so as to capture the birds. How do you tell the wind direction? It is simple. Fill a small bottle with talcum powder. Squeeze the bottle and watch which direction the powder takes. This will tell you which direction the wind is heading to. In places of strong winds, ducks will look for calmer places to stay afloat. The calm places include areas surrounded by trees or hills. This means that you place your decoys in the quiet waters and ducks will hastily join the decoy. Besides, you don’t need a lot of decoys just a few of them enough for the ducks to notice. However, as a hunter, take precaution as you venture into the rough waters since it might lead to your fatality.

Keep a low profile
Hiding while hunting is definitely one of the best idea while duck hunting. This is one sure way of hunting some of the rarest breed of ducks. This only happens when you are the best in this game of duck hunting. Using a scull boat and rowing towards the ducks unnoticeably will get you many of them since you can kill a number of them with just one shot since they are closely packed.

In conclusion
The above Great boat Tips for Duck Hunting are the best when it comes to hunting ducks. These have been put into action by the very best hunters and have succeeded in this task. All you have to do is: keep a low profile, check the wind direction, camouflage your hunting boat, master their breeding habits and introduce decoys to your huntings.

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