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  • Liberty Pump 257 1/3-HP 1-1/2-Inch Discharge 250-Series Cast Iron Automatic Submersible Effluent Pump

Liberty Pump 257 1/3-HP 1-1/2-Inch Discharge 250-Series Cast Iron Automatic Submersible Effluent Pump

The Liberty 257 Pump is an automatic submersible pump with 1/3 HP and a discharge of 1-1/2” NPT. It features an epoxy powder coated cast iron casing to protect it from corrosion as well as a permanently lubricated and thermally protected motor. It has the ability to pump 50 gallons per minute and is equipped with multiple switch options including a Vertical Magnetic Float (VMF switch) design. The turn on level of the switch is 7” whilst the turn off is at 3-1/2”.




What to Expect

The Liberty 257 Pump is a solidly built, rugged and silent workhorse. It has a smooth acting vertical float activated VMF switch and an energy efficient pump that delivers on what it promises.


This pump is recommended for de-watering applications and is recommended for sumps that are smaller than 12” in diameter.


For your money, you get a fairly good list of features and brilliant performance. Here are some striking features that make this one of the top sump pumps.

  • – Powdered Epoxy coated cast iron housing
  • – Motor is hermetically sealed
  • – Motor permanently oiled
  • – Bearings and switch cavities are permanently lubricated
  • – All fasteners are made of Stainless steel
  • – Vortex Style impeller made of high engineered thermoplastic
  • – Rotor shaft made of 417 Stainless steel
  • – Strong, single-phase 115V, 1/3 HP motor with 5.2 Amps rating
  • – Motor is permanently oil filled and has thermal overload protection
  • – Has a 1-1/2” discharge
  • – Can Handle ½” spherical solids
  • – Comes with a 210” Quick-connect power cord


The pump is made of rugged cast iron that has an epoxy coating to protect it from corrosion. The one-piece solid housing eliminates the need for a lower motor seal common in other pumps. Vortex style impeller makes for superior handling of solids that pass through.

This has got an excellent finish that indicates that this pump is actually very sturdy. While it’s not one of those lightweight sump pumps going around, it’s not a bad thing about this pump because it’s going to be fixed.

All the other parts inside the pump are made of stainless steel and engineered plastic, which makes the pump more durable even the motor is hermetically sealed and has thermal overload protection. The pump has the capacity to pump 50 gallons per hour and it can handle ½” spherical solids. It has a wide-angle float which triggers the VMF switch.

Thanks to the vertical switch design it fits into a very small sump pit. In addition, the switch seems to go up and down working in a perfect vertical motion unlike other switches which actually get stuck on the walls of the pit where the sump pump is installed. The quick-disconnect 120” power cord makes it easier to replace (without breaking the seals to the motor).

The noise level of this sump pump is quite amazing- it is so quite you would barely notice it. In fact, its noise level is about the same as the noise level of the water flowing through the pipe. No other pump in its category comes even close, and this is one of those best sump pumps with impressive noise levels.

It’s quite easy to install especially if you’re going to put it into a pit that’s fairly spacious. The time taken to install may vary if you are trying to set up a back up pump to go with it as well.


On the downside, the switch cannot be adjusted. The turn on and off levels will always be 7” and 3 ½”. This is not a good pump for effluent applications because of the shortness of the on and off cycle.

It requires supervision or an alarm application to alert the user when the pump is running dry. Dry runs will damage the pump.

On its own it’s a great pump but it is advisable to have an additional back up pump.


All in all, we think the Liberty 257 is just as good as the best sump pumps under $150, mainly due to its compact vertical magnetic float design. The build quality is excellent, the noise level is more than acceptable, and more importantly it can be installed in a fairly narrow pit with diameter as small as 12 inches.