How to maintain lens of golf rangefinder


Golf is always considered as a high class, luxury and expensive sport, but it’s also a game of mind, intelligence and patience. Indeed, golf requires lots of technique, patience and also plenty of equipment that players need to prepare before starting to play it. Among those, we shouldn’t forget golf rangefinder. Though golfers are usually capable to buy a high priced rangefinder but I’m sure that most of them are too busy and annoyed to buy a new one. So, in this article, we will show you how to maintain lens of golf rangefinder – the most important and vulnerable part of a rangefinder.

Why do we have to preserve it?

We can’t deny the need of a golf rangefinder. Indeed, rangefinder is a device that help you determine how far from you to the target. The rangefinder makes the game easier to, new golfers, by just one single look. Worthy for the investment of golfer, most rangefinder in market were made with durable and high qualified material.

However, lens is the most vulnerable part, easy to be damaged if you don’t maintain it correctly. Through lens, you can see the object from far. If it’s damaged the lens in golf rangefinder, your vision will be influenced and not be able to become your assistance during the game. That still not mention that you may have to change to another one because the lens becomes useless. Just like a photographer has always preserve the lens of the camera well, not just because it’s expensive, but also in order to ensure every single shot is clear and give the best effect.

So, even though it just a small device, made with good materials, maintaining the lens of golf rangefinder is still needed so that it can serve you for long time.

Factor destroy lens


Playing golf outside, it’s hard to avoid dust drop into lens. Dust is the scariest enemy of lens, including golf rangefinder’s lens or camera’s lens, it’s really dangerous if sand and dust drop into it. The small factor can easily infiltrate inside the rangefinder. Especially when it comes to a windy day, your rangefinder will be full of dust. As the result, the small sand or dust will scratch lens. Besides, it’s easy for them to damage other part of the rangefinder. So, don’t underestimate the power of small sand.


This is the element that people usually forget. On rainy day or in high humid weather, the device is easily affected by the water. Indeed, anything could be broken by a little water. Even a water resistance cell phone just ensures that it could survive at certain condition and anytime could be damaged by water. And so the golf rangefinder. Maybe all parts of the unit are water resistance, however the change of temperature or weather still allows water vapor get inside the lens. The water, inside the lens, affect the view during the game and could be the cause that damage your device, leading to influence the accuracy of the unit.

UV light

Sound weir because we use golf rangefinder for out-door activity so it’s unable to avoid sun light. Though, experts suggest that do not let your device under the sun for too long. The UV in sun light attacks the glass and for long time, this could damage your golf rangefinder. You may doubt when seeing this, it is a little opposite with camera’s lens. Some photographers put their lens under the sun or UV light for a while to dry them. But for golf rangefinder, when you don’t use it, put it on a small handbag so that lens couldn’t contact with direct sunlight.

And there are more some factor that could damage your lens such as high temperature, shock impact. So, how can we maintain lens of golf rangefinder for longer time?

Maintain lens? Do it right!


Cleaning lens frequently

The simplest and easiest thing you can do for maintain lens. Regularly cleaning lens is the perfect way to ensure and maintain lens’ life. After using it, let clean lens with a soft tissue and a small soft brush. You can easily get the right brush and towel in camera store or golf rangefinder store. Then, gently clean the surface of the lens so that stain and dust can’t damage it. If you use soft tissue, you can put some pure alcohol or windshield washer fluid to enhance the process. Just remember that after using it, take 10 or 15 minutes to clean it. Even though you tend to not use it for long time, keep cleaning it at least 3 times a week to maintain the quality of lens.

Keep away from UV light

This is the most important key to maintain rangefinder. Like I said above, when not using it, let put it on the handbag or close the lid to avoid UV light. Somehow, the lens is sensitive to UV light and it’s easy to be damaged by the attack of the sun.

Keep it safe

Lens is the most sensitive part of rangefinder. So make sure that you don’t drop it suddenly to a rough surface and leave it in an even surface and make sure that nothing can’t roll it over. If it’s broken and needs to be repaired, let the professionals do their jobs and don’t try to fix it by yourself. Wrong method could make it worst. In another hand, you can use the way photographers protect their lens: put rangefinder in small and private plastic box with desiccant pack. The box avoids maximum dust, sand, temperature changing, shock impact and others factors that could damage your rangefinder.


Overall, maintaining lens of golf rangefinder isn’t really hard. This article shows you what can damage it so that you can avoid it. In order to keep it with you in longer time, you just need to put a little carefulness and meticulousness on your device.

First time, you might think that takes lots of time and complex. But when it comes to habit, things go easier for you. By single step, you will keep the golf rangefinder year by year and having fun in every game without worrying anything interrupt.

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