The raptorboats raptor fishing platform xl

Raptor XL Platform fishing boat is specially designed to provide convenient and enjoyable fishing. This is mainly because it is endowed with modern features which are supposed to meet the needs of every serious fisherman. The boat is also designed in a way that it can be used by several people therefore making it ideal for fishing with friends or with family. Furthermore, the makers of the boat have considered that users of this boat might be fishing in different weathers. Because of this the boat comes with features that are meant to provide protection to the users regardless of the weather. To understand why -Raptor XL Platform is a hardcore floating habitat for full-time usage boat it is paramount to know its most outstanding specifications.


This particular fishing boat comes with four air decks which are connected with a tube that has a diameter of 50 centimeters and it is built using the durable five layer PVC and an additional layer which is on the boat’s floor. This makes the boat very spacious for all the fishing gears one might need for even prolonged fishing. Because of this one does not have to keep on going back to shore to get various fishing amenities. Furthermore, the design and space allows the users to go fishing for long hours even for a day or two without going back to shore.

Another feature of the Raptor XL Platform fishing boat is that it has 15 D rings which are meant to secure a tent. This is one of the unique and most important features of this particular boat. The tent allows users to even fish overnight for they have the necessary protection. After fishing for long hours one can even take a quick nap and be assured of getting the necessary protection. The tent is easy to mount since one just needs to use the D rings. The tent can also be folded conveniently when not in use where when folded it does not occupy a lot of space.

Size and capacity

This particular boat comes with a space of more than 150 square feet therefore making it spacious enough for different kinds of fishing. The specific dimensions of the boat are an outside size of five meters by five meters and an inside size of four meters by four meters. The size of this modern fishing boat allows users to have ample space to fish conveniently and also carry all what they need. The boat has a capacity to carry about a hundred kilograms per every meter square. This also makes the boat powerful and ideal to carry even heavy loads. Therefore, the users can fish all they want since the boat will be able to hold the weight. This is further complimented by the tough materials used to make the boat making it able to withstand even the heavy weights.


This modern fishing boat comes with hand grips which are placed around the tubes. This is important especially while fishing in places where there are strong waves or when fishing as a family with kids. The hand grips allow the people on the boat to hold family even when the waters are turbulent. The surrounding tube part of the boat contains four air chambers and two over pressure valves. These are specially placed on the boat to ensure that it can be used more conveniently. Furthermore, when the boat is in use the water flows through the air deck and then goes back to the river or sea. This ensures the boat remain functional regardless of the type of water it is being used on. This boat also comes with a repair kit which contains; valve key, PVC patches, glue, valves and pressure valves. The repair kit allows the boat to be repaired even while in use. To inflate the boat one needs to use at least a single high pressure air pump where it is recommended to use two pumps. When deflated the boat can be carried and stored conveniently.


It is evident from the described specifications that -Raptor XL Platform is a hardcore floating habitat for full-time usage. Most of the features of the boat are put in place to ensure users can use it at all times. The fact that the boat comes even with a tent allows the boat to be used even while it is sunny or raining. Furthermore, the size of the boat is ideal even for family fishing or fishing with friends. This is complimented by the capacity of the boat and the tough materials used to make the boat which allows it to hold big weights. Therefore, the Raptor XL Platform is a modern fishing boat which makes fishing enjoyable and more convenient.

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