How to Select the Most Ideal Golf Rangefinder

A golf rangefinder is no doubt a very important tool for any aspiring golfer who wants to learn the sport and become very proficient in it. It helps you accurately measure distances and yardages for precise shots. Although one can learn how to hit well without making use of a golf rangefinder, you will learn faster and improve better by utilizing this great piece of golfing equipment. So, if you are looking to buy golf rangefinder for your playing needs, you are making the right call. However, understand that there are different golf rangefinders in the market with different qualities and features. When buying a rangefinder, below are certain things to consider if you want to obtain the most ideal product that can improve your game.

Nikon COOLSHOT 20 Golf Laser Rangefinder

Hit Accuracy

Most golf rangefinders claim they are 100% accurate to within few yards. Any one that is not accurate is defective and should be returned. If they are not accurate, then the main purpose for their introduction into the game would have been defeated. Giving you an accurate measurement is the main function of a golf rangefinder, so don’t settle for less.


Some rangefinders are designed to accommodate slope measurements. You have to decide whether you want a product that incorporates this feature. The slope is a feature that measures any change in elevation between your target and where you are. It estimates the accurate distance of the target and the distance your shot needs to aim that target. It is a very useful feature that can help you get things done quickly. However, this feature not allowed during competition. So, you may choose a golf rangefinder with this feature if you don’t plan to use it in competitions.

Ease of Use

The ideal golf rangefinder should be easy to use, even to an inexperienced golfer. If you are experienced, you may not have any problem when using any model. But as a novice and someone still learning to hit the right target, it will be better to make use of golf rangefinder that makes it easier to acquire and lock your distance. The rangefinder won’t be of any use to you if you find it difficult to quickly get the accurate distance anytime you make use of it.

Nikon COOLSHOT 20 Golf Laser Rangefinder

Other features to consider

Pinseeker and First Target Priority technology

Some models come with a feature that allows you easily separate a target from other background objects. This helps you get an accurate aim of a flag close by even if there are other obstructions around the flag. It is found in most good models. Also, some other models feature First Target Priority Mode which vibrates or make certain sound to show that a target has been locked on display.


Golf rangefinders have magnifications that range from 4x magnifications to 7x magnifications. Magnifications can help you easily locate and target an object. In most cases, higher magnifications can make it easier for you to hit the right target and they are more ideal if you are targeting a distant object.


Although the size of a rangefinder needs to be as compact as possible, it will not be ideal to select a rangefinder that is too small to hold with two hands. Ranging is always easier when the device is held with two hands as you will able to keep it steady and aim easily.

Whenever you want to buy a golf rangefinder, it is always better to consider all the above features before you buy. Select only the device with all the features you may need for an improved play. That way, you will be satisfied with your purchase to boost your confidence and enhance your playing skills in a very short while.

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