Special Considerations Before Buying A Golf Rangefinder

Golf rangefinders are used by golf enthusiasts and professionals to locate targeted objects and measure their distances. They come in a wide range of technologies and features. The high-end devices have cutting edge technologies that make the game fast and easy for them. But before you settle on a particular brand, it is important to take some things into consideration.

The type and features of rangefinder you choose is very important. Things such as accuracy, distance measurement, brand, model, price, magnification, shape, and size are all important.

These factors will be very vital when deciding to buy the ideal rangefinder. For example, the Bushnell golf rangefinder offers larger range of measured distance, accurate size, sleek design, reasonable price, multi-coated optics, and in-seeker technology. These are some of the qualities you should look for when buying a rangefinder. There are other devices that offer standard reflectors and customized scanners which combine together to make a high quality rangefinder. Below are some other things you need to know before deciding on the right device to purchase.

Nikon COOLSHOT Laser Rangefinder

What is your budget?

Price is a major thing to consider before buying the best golf rangefinder. The type of device you choose will definitely depend on your budget. You may decide to buy an expensive golf rangefinder or a cheap one. It all boils down to your budget. But to help you here, consider the features of the device before buying. If you don’t want so many features in a product, just buy the device with the basic features you need. This will help you cut down on cost.

Distance Range

Another factor to consider her is the distance range of the device. Rangefinders have distance range from 1 to 1500 yards. The high-end products have higher distance ranges as they can cover almost any distance in the golf course.

Ease of use

It is always better to settle for the golf rangefinder that is easier to use. A rangefinder should be user friendly and very easy to use. It shouldn’t take you more than a minute to locate and lock a particular range by pressing the button. The ease of use also has a little to with its compactness.

Most good rangefinders also give clear readings even in dark conditions. The eye piece needs to be adjustable to give you customizable options when using the rangefinder.

Weigh and Size

The weight of the rangefinder should also be considered here. Light rangefinders are usually very easy to hold and operate.   However, you need to settle for the ideal golf rangefinder that is not too big and not too small. If it is too small, you might find it very difficult to hold the device with both hands. For more accurate readings, it is better to hold the device with two hands to make it steady. Another excellent feature you should look for in a rangefinder is the water resistant and eye relief properties.

Customer Reviews

Reviews and ratings by customers is one vital aspect you should not neglect. This is because these people have used the product an have first hand experience on the pros and cons of the device. Before you buy a rangefinder, look at customer reviews on such product on Amazon, Ebay and other top notch retail websites. This will definitely give you a clue and help you make a better buying decision. Usually, best sellers and products with more than 4 point ratings with a lot of customer reviews should be given much interest than those with lesser reviews and ratings.

Taking the above factors into considerations and knowing your budget will definitely help you to select the right golf rangefinder that will help you achieve your goals and objectives in playing golf.

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