Things To Know About Golf Rangefinders

In the past decades, distance measuring tools were not used for local play. But these days, amateur golf players have been able to improve their game immensely due to the great benefits of using a rangefinder. This device is very important because it determines the target point on the course or the distance to the hole. This allows you to pick the best clubs for your shot and lets you know how far to hit the club. So the introduction of rangefinders has been a welcome development to golfers and even hunters who want to make precise decisions when aiming their targets. But how does a rangefinder really work?

The Golf rangefinder provides the accurate distance for the golfer to aim a precise shot that is able to reflect the laser back. However, the GPS system gives an approximate distance based on the GPs mapping and your location. This estimate is dependent on the mapping of the golf course and the satellite signal. In essence, both the GPS device and the golf rangefinders are important devices that can help anyone who wants to improve on the golf playing skills.

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How to use the device?

Rangefinders can be very beneficial in lowering your scores in golf. This can be achieved in three distinct ways; knowing the distance of a target from the main point, knowing how hard to hit the club, and providing course management. Determining the required distance to take your aim can help you select a better club needed for the shot. Also a rangefinder can help you avoid a hazard so that you can tailor your layup more effectively. Without a rangefinder, it may be a daunting task to determine baseline distances for your woods and irons.

Types of Golf Rangefinder

Rangefinders can be bought through online retailers or at most local stores. When you are ready to buy a rangefinder, know your budget and how much you can pay for one. If you are looking for only the distance to the hole, you may be better off purchasing a laser rangefinder. On the other hand, if you would like to get accurate information on the various points in the golf course and avoid technical details, a GPS device will serve you better. But you have to take note of the accruing subscription fees for mapping out services for the GPS.

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Laser rangefinders

These are more suited for experienced players who need more accurate distance to the flag. They are similar in price to high-end handheld devices but do not provide detailed information about the green surrounds and the hole.   These devices may be very effective if there are blockages or hazards that are hidden around the tree. Overall, they are very beneficial to those who want to have accurate measuring distance between their target and their golf balls.

GPS handhelds

GPS handheld devices are the most favored by serious and seasoned golfers who like to view the hole from above. They are more expensive but are very efficient in determining the actual detail of hole maps, making them the perfect choice for those playing in different golf courses.

GPS watches

These are smaller devices that re-designed with a wide range of features including hazards, doglegs, and the capacity to pair the watch to your phone for email and text notifications. The watches are very beneficial when you want a quick glance at a distance at the back, middle or front before choosing your club.

GPS smartphone apps

The GPS smartphone apps are cheaper than the handheld devices and they offer interactive distances through movable cursors. Their readings are not as precise as the GPS devices and they can suck away your phone’s battery in a short while. However, they are cheaper and easier to use.

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