Tips for using a golf rangefinder

In the market, there are variety of rangefinders that make users confuse about their features and specifications and how to use them well. First of all, we define a laser rangefinder, which is already a best seller and the most common type in market today, uses a laser beam to gauge the distance of a target location. It is said that the laser rangefinders are complicated devices to get the hang of it, but you can believe that they actually not difficult to work with, just take a little practice. Laser rangefinders are essential tool with golfers around the world, particularly amateurs to level up this game, or newbies to prepare for a golf course. Moreover, the rangefinder can be easy to carry in your bag and do not need to be charged since they do not work on batteries. Here is some effective tips that help you use the golf rangefinder easily to obtain a more high level of this mental sport.


Choose a laser rangefinder intended for playing golf

A laser rangefinder is used for many purposes in some fields such as hunting, fishing, construction…, so you should make sure that the rangefinder is designed for golf before you purchase it. This is completely a valued advice if you want to utilize all functions of the laser rangefinder for achieving a better golfer. It is pretty headache for newcomers sin the field of golf to choose an appropriate rangefinder for them. Thus, you should ask professional players to be consulted and give the smartest decision.

Watch some online video tutorials

An important tip to master the golf rangefinder is often watching some video tutorials on YouTube or any online sources to learn how to use it. Although there are some video that have lots of “Views” in the Internet, you should consider what is essential to watch depend on your golf’s experience. They are produced for both amateurs and pro golfers, so it may take a few tries to find a suitable video. You can choose the video made by the manufacturers and the professional golfers. A good video is you can cover the basic functions, features and the best ways to apply the rangefinder in the field of golf.

Read the manual

Many people tend to ignore the necessity of reading the instruction before using any products, instead of learning themselves. However, with such devices that need high accuracy in practice, you should build a good habit to read the manual first to avoid mistakes. If there are pictures attached with the instructions, you can spend time to understand clearly anything showed on the display. This task helps you to practice the tool more effectively and quickly.

Try out the device’s built-in technology

The best golf rangefinders today are advanced with the powerful technologies to improve in measuring distance and cope with competition. For instance, Bushnell Tour V3 Golf Laser Rangefinder is designed with jolt technology that vibrates to point out the completion of the pin seeking process. Or Nikon 8397 Aculon Laser Rangefinder is integrated Distant Target Priority Mode which helps it to distinguish targets from surrounding object. Overall, there are effective technologies that can support your practice built in the golf rangefinders such as Pinhunter, Pinseeker and First Target. All of which are totally helpful to gauge the distance to the object minus the other things behind it.

Join in a practice game

You can go to a golf course for practicing and studying more detail how to use the rangefinder by the pro golfers. However, if you do not have enough time, you can practice to use it at your yard or extensive locations. You start to gauge with short distances and try to understand the information is available on the display. If you cannot do that in the first time, you should read the manual again and continue to practice. An important thing you need to remember is beginning to work with the closest objects and you should surely make it perfect before moving far. You can aim at large targets with 50 – 100 yards and study with these distances. Of courses, you should understand that it is not easy to be good job immediately, it takes a long time to get the hang of them.

Practice to gauge the distance to pins

After you use the rangefinder for some distances, you can practice shooting the flag with pins around it on the golf yards. You look on the display of the rangefinder from your position to the flag before moving other points to measure. If you are successful to get the right distance, it means that the golf rangefinder is working perfectly. If not, you should read the manual, then do it again and ask the others the accurate result. If you still have troubles, you should consider your golf rangefinder can be defective.

Be patient

It is said that nothing in this world comes easy. Therefore, you do not become a pro user in the first time you try it, so it takes some time to practice how to use, study all the features, aspects and the technologies of the device. Keep your targets and try to practice regularly to achieve them.


Do pre-game research

Although you can master with the laser rangefinder all the time, in some circumstances as you might play golf at an unfamiliar location with your friends, it is difficult to define how to use the rangefinder at here. Thus, you should research about where you
will play in the next time and try to familiarize yourself with environment, terrain and slopes to find the most effective strategies in using the golf rangefinder.


To sum up, the golf rangefinder becomes one of important parts for many golfer to conquer the interesting game. A perfect rangefinder consists of some factors such as gauging accurate distances, convenient designs and ease to use.

However, to utilize that all features you need to learn more and practice the golf rangefinder regularly to upgrade your level in the field of golf.

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