Tips For Using a Laser Rangefinder

Some people believe that it’s difficult to use a laser rangefinder because it requires you to hold it very steady. This notion is not really true. However, it may require some practice to become very proficient and get the hang of it. If you don’t know how best to use a laser rangefinder, this guide is intended to provide some good tips that can help you. Below are some tips to enable you successfully measure accurate distances to the flag quickly.

The first thing you have to be sure of it the type of laser rangefinder to use. If you want to use a rangefinder strictly for golfing, ensure that you are making use of the laser rangefinder designed for golf and not for hunting. This will minimize the burden you’ll have when learning how to use the device. Understand that laser rangefinders for hunting are not really meant to get accurate readings at a golf flag. Yes, they can pick up a golf flag, but it’s always more difficult. This will be a problem for you if you are still learning how to use a laser rangefinder.

Nikon COOLSHOT Laser Rangefinder

Read instructions and watch some videos

There are lots of videos on YouTube that show you how best to properly use a laser rangefinder. Select videos made by the manufacturers and those with lots of views. These videos can be helpful to show you the proper way to use a laser rangefinder. After watching some of the videos, you will have a better idea on the right way to make use of the device. You can also read instructions from the manual to get the required information on the best way to use the specific rangefinder you have got.

Practice by aiming the rangefinder first at the ground, which brings up the reticle in display. Afterwards, you can aim the real target by pushing the button. This will minimize any chance of error by reducing the risk of hitting bunker or hills that might obstruct your view.

You can gain more experience by practicing on large targets before using it on the golf flag. Take aim at a large target outside your house to get a good hang of the required distances. This will help you improve on your target ranges when you are on the golf field. If you are still having trouble, ask someone to try it for you in case the rangefinder is defective.

Practice on flags or pins that are close

Do not rush into the real business of the day by aiming at a far distance if you have not mastered the use of a laser rangefinder. Start by aiming at a very close range and do not move on until you have practiced enough. As you get better, you can be extending your range in stages until you get to the farthest flag. Remember to target the flag and not only the pin. It is easier to hit the flag when using the laser rangefinder.

Finally, practice with patience

When starting out with a laser rangefinder, do not expect to get it easy the first time. It takes some practice to be able to get consistent and solid readings. At your first practice, try to determine yardages just like you have always done, whether it’s from a GPS device or from yardage markers. The more you practice the better you will become.

Overall, laser rangefinders are great tools to have if you are still learning to play golf like a pro. They can even have more accurate readings than GPS and do not need to be charged always. They provide distance to any target and are suitable for any golf course in the world.

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