Top 3 Golf Rangefinder Brands

The optical market has grown tremendously over the recent years; much with golfers being allowed to use the rangefinder technology to calculate distance between course points. Golf rangefinders have eased the game so much so that the usual guess work of determining target distance is no more. These companies have made available devices that have accessorized the golfing game by incorporating laser and GPS technology to ensure accuracy and efficiency in distance determination. It is however important that you know the various brands that are out there in the market and some of the brands are in every golfer’s kit. Below are three of the most popular brands you can ever see in the market. These brands retain their prestige based on their features, accuracy, magnification, user ratings and overall customer reviews. Read on to see their features and benefits.


The Bushnell range of products is known to be the best rangefinder products in the market today. Most of their brands are already best sellers and they already have a hug fellowship of trusted customers who understand the need for a top quality product.


Being one of the first industries to venture into the rangefinder production business, it has come to establish itself as a house hold name in the rangefinder technology. Their constant innovation has seen it become rated as the best rangefinder producer in the market severally. Bushnell was the first to launch a GPS enabled rangefinder and also the first to develop the impressive pin seeker technology which enables golfers to determine distance to the pin as well as slope calculation. Bushnell offers both laser and GPS enabled golf rangefinders; it also produces the special hybrid device that incorporates both the laser and GPS technology. Popular golf rangefinder products from Bushnell include the Bushnell V2, TOUR X LASER, NEO ghost GPS, NEO XS GPS among others.


Though not as popular as the Bushnell brand, Leupold rangefinders have won a spot in the world of golf and rangefinders. One reason for their popularity is the affordability of their products. Their models are solidly made, yet are sold cheaper than most other brands. With its very affordable product prices, Leupold golf rangefinders are most accurate and precise.


The devices are designed with durable outer casing that enables them to withstand any conditions. Leupold rangefinders are among the devices that have the ability to offer assistance on the next club a golfer should use for a shot. This ability makes it one of the most insightful and most practical golf rangefinders. Examples of golf rangefinder models from Leupold include the renowned Leopold GX 3i, Leupold GX 4i series and Leupold GX 3i2 laser.


Nikon is an American rangefinder brand that offers well rounded and fully featured golf rangefinder products. Nikon rangefinders are a best alternative to a golfer looking for a rangefinder that is strictly on budget. They are highly regarded on Amazon and other high quality retail websites. Models include Nikon PRO STAFF, Nikon cool shot and Nikon Callaway.


There are many other brands like Halo and Simmons which have competitive features and prices; but whether it is the famous Bushnell, Leupold or Nikon, brand name does not necessarily determine your game or handicap. What is important is that whatever the brand, the device a golfer chooses to use should be effective and allowed for the specific purpose; practice or competition. It is important though that you know the available brands so that as you go looking for a golf rangefinder you have an idea of what is likely to come forth.

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