Top 9 Best Golf Rangefinders

There are different types of golf rangefinders each with their own features and specifications. This article is going to present an unbiased review on the models of the best rangefinder. But before we go into this discussion, it is important to understand certain terms.

Maximum range- this is the furthest distance the device can measure.

Maximum magnification- it shows the minimum and maximum zoom a golf rangefinder can withstand.

Battery life- this is basically how long the battery can last without a recharge.

Display- shows whether the device uses LED or LCD screen display.

Slope- this is not available in all golf rangefinders but in slope edition models. This tells you whether it has the ability to determine slope level of the golf course or not.

Here are the 9 most rated golf rangefinders


Bushnell professional x7 slope

The brand of golf rangefinders comes with pin seeker technology that enables the user to determine the distance to the pin and flag. It ranges between 5 yards to 1000 miles with slope technology that makes it able to calculate compensated distances. It incorporates premium HD optics with up to 7x magnification. Most of it all, it is designed to be waterproof, which means users do not have to worry over rainy weathers.

Bushnell hybrid laser GPS

Form the hybrid name, the Bushnell hybrid laser is both GPS and laser enabled. It ranges between 10 to 1000 yards and utilizes the pin seeker technology. It has an LCD screen display and comes with pre-mapped courses.

Bushnell tour Z6

This is a tournament edition model that uses vivid display system thus gives very clear sightings with up to 6x magnification. It can be used in all weather conditions. The device has the ability to flag up to 450 yards and is inbuilt with pin seeker technology.

Leupold GX- 3i2

Apart from being water and weather proof, the Leupold GX 312 measures distances of up to 800 yards and utilizes pin hunter technology. It has a magnification of up to 6x.

Nikon cool shot 40i

This Has up to 6x magnification capabilities. It is lightweight, giving the user an easy time when holding and using it. It measures up to 650 yards and has the HYPER READ feature that enables it to give quick and accurate measurements regardless of the distance.

Callaway RAZR laser

The Nikon Callaway RAZR has selectable low light features with the magnification of up to 6x. It measures distances of up to 600 yards. It is water proof and very light in weight.

Leupold GX 1i2

This is an all weather enabled device that utilizes the digitally enhanced accuracy engine and laser technology for high measurement performance. It utilizes pin hunter technology plus the latest prism lock technology.

Laser link XL 1000

Laser link XL 1000 comes with a lot of features beneficial to golfers. It has 6x magnification capability with LDC screen readings. It measures up to 1000 yards with 300 yards to the flag. This golf rangefinder has one of the longest lasting battery; CR2 3V lithium battery. The ACCUFLAG technology allows users to get the distance to the flag irrespective of the surrounding obstacles.

The difference between Bushnell tour Z6 and Bushnell pro x7 jolt slope is much more than just the name, color or price. What makes Bushnell pro x7 better than Bushnell tour z6 lies in the specifications; the maximum range, maximum magnification, battery life, display, slope ability and other accompanying features. The more you understand this specification and their significance, the better placed you will be in determining which is the best golf rangefinder for you.

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