Top best Leupold Golf Rangefinders on market

Top best Leupold Golf Rangefinders on market

Top best Leupold Golf Rangefinders on market

Leupold is not an unfamiliar name in the field of optical equipment for outdoor sport. Being famous for top quality products with advanced technology, this brand is now making a new standard among ranging tools with its new line of golf rangefinder. Fast, accurate and durable, you can’t expect more for this kind of tool. This article will provide a profound look in some of the best models of this line, which I consider can help you have an appropriate decision when choosing Leupold brand as a supplier for your new golf rangefinder.

Top 4 Leupold Golf Rangefinders on market 2015

  1. Leupold PinCaddie 2 Golf Rangefinder

This product is designed for people who are new to this kind of device. It is small, durable and very easy to use. The cover is high quality plastic finish, so you can focus on the match conveniently without worrying about impacts of moist or temperature to this unit. The new optical system containing multi-coated lens allows this device to offer the best measurements even in fog weather.

User interface is effortlessly to understand with one touch scan feature. However, because of being applied the first generation PinHunter Laser technology, this device can only provide line-of-sight distance measurement, in yards or meters, without assessing effects of weather condition around. But you can use this rangefinder in any tournament you attend, because that first generation technology is accepted by USGA 14-3 rules.

  1. Leupold 119087 GX-3i2 Digital Golf Rangefinder

This is the second model I want to review. It has a compact dimension. The weight is light enough for you to carry and deploy without any difficulty. The user interface is very friendly while using quick set menu system, which allow you to fast access and control all features of this device within few minutes. Being powered by Digitally Enhanced Accuracy engine which made the reputation of Leupold rangefinder devices, this model also raises the standard to a new level when being applied 2 other cutting edge technologies: PinHunter 2 Laser technology and Prism Lock technology.
The former technology filters out the background with laser beam, provides a faster and easier way to aim exactly to the target and the latter one helps you shorten the time to locate the prism. Hence, you will have more confident when holding your club and take the hit. Moreover, reticle options can be adjusted so you will feel easy to make this unit worked with your style.

  1. Leupold 119088 GX-4i2 Digital Golf Rangefinder

As a latter generation of GX-3i2, this model contains tremendous change in both exterior and interior features. Firstly, it is very light maybe one of the most compact models on the market today with the total weight is just 1 pound. This tiny object, however, also has ability to operate in any rough weather conditions with weatherproof design. Secondly, it is legal to USGA Rule 14-3. By using the chrome faceplate which is included, True Golf Range and Club Selector abilities will be disabled which allow you to use this device in any tournaments. May some of you are asking yourselves: how helpful are those features enough for the rule to ban them. The answer is: True Golf Range feature not only give you the straight line ranging, it also measures slop of terrain, altitude, temperature, wind speed and other factors which affect extremely to the accuracy of your shot; Club Selector is like your personal caddy, who assesses all the condition on the field and give you the most reliable advice depend on the statistic and your ability. Therefore, you can defeat any competitors by combining and using 2 interesting features in an appropriate way.

  1. Leupold GX-4i2 Laser Golf Rangefinder | Includes FREE Pitchfix Divot Tool and Extra Battery

This is extended option of the original model, which provides you a free pitchfix divot tool and extra battery. Made from aircraft aluminum, this tool is extremely light and hard enough to dig easily into the green. And the extra battery will give you a chance to enjoy the exciting atmosphere of the game without worrying about recharging the rangefinder.
A good rangefinder can make a huge change in your result. If you are tired of losing and want to play golf like a pro, just try one of these top quality product mentioned above and then feel the difference in each hit you make. Thank for reading!


Getting the right Leupold Golf Rangefinders can make a difference when trying to play golf like a pro. These tools reviewed above from the Leupold brand are all highly rated and recommended to anyone who wants to improve their game and cut their learning curves as they strive to become exceptionally good in the sports.

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