What Is A Golf Rangefinder

To most experienced golfers, this question might seem not to be necessary as you would have known what a rangefinder is. However, there are so many people that may not have good knowledge about the benefits or reasons for using a golf rangefinder. If you are one of such people, then this article is meant for you.

A golf rangefinder is a device that enables golfers to accurately determine distance from their exact position to the golf hole. This has enabled golfers to solve the problem of guessing distances and manual calculation. These devices have taken over the market especially in the game of golf as golfers are now able to accurately measure distances between positions. Golf rangefinders give near exact measurements enabling golfers to make accurate shots to targets. It is a technology that has seen many golfers improve their performance in the game by lowering their handicap. In essence, more than 60 percent of golfers use this device to help them improve their game.

Bushnell Tour V3 Jolt Standard Edition Golf Laser Rangefinder

There are two types of golf rangefinders; the GPS golf rangefinders and laser golf rangefinders. The GPS golf rangefinders make use of the satellite positioning system to determine distance to targets and hazards. When you aim the rangefinder, it communicates with the satellite system to track down targets, flags and other things within the golf course. The laser rangefinders use the laser beam technology in determining yardage measurements. This means that when the laser device is aimed at a target, the laser beam tracks the target and bounces back to the device while calculating the time taken in action. This has had a super influence on accuracy determination on a golf course.

Golf rangefinders are also categorized into two, whereby we have the tournament edition and slope edition rangefinders. You may be wondering what this means; the tournament edition rangefinders just as the name suggests are legal and acceptable to be used in tournaments and competitions. This is because they only provide line of sight readings. On the other hand, the slope editions are non legal therefore not acceptable in competitions; the reason being that they are designed with additional features that may lead to unhealthy and unfair competitions. These features include the ability to provide adjusted distance readings and even suggestions on appropriate clubs for use in making shots.

As much as these devices come with undoubted advantages they also have disadvantages. The GPS golf rangefinders for instance are easy to use unlike the laser rangefinders that require you to hold them firmly and steadily in order to give accurate readings. GPS rangefinders work even when you shift positions they will still give readings. It also does not require steady holding as they use satellite systems to track targets. So, don’t worry about your hands getting strained since the device can easily be carried by you.

The laser rangefinders however give more accurate and precise readings due to the laser beam technology it employs unlike the GPS units. Golf GPS rangefinders incorporate color display that give measurement to any point on the course including the front, middle and back. GPS devices do not work at drive range, and also require you to download course maps based on a subscription.

Generally, golf rangefinders are a good development in the golf sport. The benefits supersede the disadvantages, therefore, making it a positive equipment of use in the sport. You as user have to know your golfing abilities and needs before trying to acquire one. Study reviews and articles to be educated on the products as you make that wise decision of acquiring this device that will see you rise from an amateur to a professional.

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