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Zoeller M57 Basement High Capacity Sump Pump

The Zoeller M57 Basement High Capacity Sump Pump is a pump that can be used for dewatering as well as moving effluent from sumps or tanks. It is made of heavy cast iron housing with an epoxy coating to prevent rust.

This unit is capable of handling 2580 gallons of water her hour to a minimum lift of 5ft. It is directly connected to a 0.3 HP 1550 rpm motor and is mounted on a cast iron plate. The pump has the vortex-type impeller design and is capable of pumping at fifteen feet head, provided a pretty tight check valve or other priming arrangement is made.

There are no sheet metal parts within the pump, which means it can really resist corrosion for a long time.  It has a two-pole float-which operates a mechanical switch to put the pump on or shut it off. It has no mesh screen to filter out unwanted dregs but is built only to let ½” spherical solids to come through, anything bigger is filtered out.




What to expect?

Zoeller is a trusted brand for sump pumps used by professionals and recommended by seasoned plumbers. This is a robust pump built to last. Each and every part has been designed to give the best performance. All parts of the pump, which come in contact with the liquid, are completely non-corrosive- namely guard, switch arm, handle and all stainless steel screws.


If you’re looking to flush a tankless water heater or empty an above ground pool that gets filled up every so often after it pours for a while or if you have a basement that gets clogged with dirty water after it rains for a while, this is one of the best sump pumps you can buy.


This pump is billed as one of the top five sump pumps in the market thanks to an array of several useful features as shown below

  • – Has a strong durable cast iron housing treated with powdered epoxy to prevent corrosion
  • – All screws and smaller inner parts are stainless steel, there is no sheet metal used
  • – Shaft seal made of corrosion resistant carbon and ceramic materials
  • – Impeller is made of cast iron
  • – All upper and lower bearings are cast iron and run in a oil filled bath
  • – The pump has a non-clogging vortex-type impeller, which does not easily clog
  • – Comes with a buoyant polypropylene two-pole float which operated a mechanical switch
  • – It has a 1 ½ “ NPT discharge
  • – The pole switch engages on at the 7 ¼” point and goes off at the 3” point
  • – There are no screens to clog and the pump can let solids that are smaller than ½”
  • – Is equipped with a 115V motor, that drive the 1/3 horsepower engine at 1550 RPMs
  • – The motor is permanently oil filled, hermetically sealed and fitted with an automatic reset function to protect the motor from overheating


This robustly built pump is made of cast iron and coated to prevent rust. All other parts are made of corrosion resistant materials. This means that the pump should last long. The cast iron casing is also a better material to dissipate the heat that develops as a result of pumping. It produces a very low level of noise when it’s on, which further reduces when the check valve is replaced.

In this regard it performs better than conventional thermoplastic or stainless steel casing in other brands. The capacity to pump 2580 gallons per hour to a 5ft lift is comparably high for a pump with a similar design. The pump is reliable and is equipped with a float that activates the on and off switch with ease. The entire pump unit comes with a guarantee that it has been pressure tested by Zoeller prior to being sold, so it should perform and last as long as the manufacturer says it will.


The cast iron makes this pump heavy and it should be used in sumps are larger than 10,062 “ high and 10,09” wide. This is better suited to basement sumps and can be used for other applications with a few tweaks. Some users in their reviews advise that they check the pump system routinely; make sure that the filters are clear and free from blockage, the power lines have proper connections, all hoses are intact, and that the motor is operating smoothly.


It’s one of those sturdy, rugged sump pumps that lasts a good period of time giving you exceptional service. Just make sure you give it a inspection once in a while, and you can sleep easy without worrying about potential water issues in your basement.